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Ten Things to Do Before Your Student Goes Off to College

  1. Encourage your student to be in regular contact with their roommate before the school year begins. Technology is great, but a phone conversation is best!
  2. Visit Handshake to help them find a job during the school year.
  3. Teach your student how to do laundry, and use a washer and dryer. We love quarters!
  4. Review the cost of tuition and books versus their financial aid before the school year begins so they will not become worried when classes begin.
  5. Remind your student to pack any bedroom products they plan on bringing - towel, bathroom supplies, bedding, etc.
  6. Have your student review the Residence Life Handbook for living in the halls. These are our policies they need to know and abide by.
  7. Remember to have your student purchase a parking permit from Parking Services if they are planning on bringing a vehicle to campus.
  8. Remind your student to pack any school supplies they need - pens, pencils, notebooks, backpack, etc.
  9. If possible, take a tour with your student of our campus as well the surrounding area, so they will feel more comfortable with the environment.
  10. Encourage your student to stay in the halls the first three to five weekends in order to build positive relationships with other students. Studies show that students "make or break" within the first six weeks. Let us get them connected here, stay for our Labor Day weekend events, Res Hall Weekend and more!

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