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Clean Access FAQs


Clean Access FAQs

What is the C-NAC agent?

The Cisco NAC agent (or C-NAC) is a program that scans for various items on peoples computers before allowing internet access.  The version that the school is using will be available to you when you come to campus.

What does C-NAC do?

C-NAC basically scans your computer to make sure you have the requirements set by the network administrator on your computer. If you do not it will re-direct you to a spot where you can get it.

Does C-NAC monitor what I do online?

No, it does not. C-NAC checks that your system meets minimum software requirements (i.e. acceptable antivirus software, updated virus definitions, all necessary Windows Operating System updates, Windows Vista service pack 1, and several other tests) so that you are able to gain internet access.

How often do I have to log onto C-NAC?

Every time you restart your computer, or after an timeout expiration period. As of right now the timeout is set to 48 hours but is subject to change at anytime.

How do I log back onto C-NAC after a timeout?

The C-NAC agent should automatically ask you to log back in. If not, click on the C-NAC agent that is on your desktop, sign in using your username and password, this will once again scan your computer and you will receive access once you pass the scan.

Do I have to use C-NAC?

Windows and MAC users must use C-NAC to get network access. Linux users, you will be directed to a web site that you must sign in to in order to gain network access.

How long does C-NAC take to scan my computer?

Scanning time varies from computer to computer. If you do not have the latest patches and updates, the process will take longer. As an estimate, if your computer meets all the minimum software requirements it can be as quick as a second, if you are required to install Windows updates it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour depending on the number of updates that need to be installed.

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