Connection FAQs

Please refer to the section labeled "Connecting to ResNet." Also, there will be a short information sheet placed in your room before the school year that will give the first few steps to getting connected.

Any questions regarding your UWS student account should be directed towards the Information Technologies office at 715-394-8267 .

Yes. We, the ResNet department, currently creates accounts for all non-UWS students so you may connect to the network via your room, or any wireless access point in the Residence Halls. You will use the same username and password that you use for Live@UWS.

If you can afford your own computer, you will probably find that it will be a great convenience for you. If you cannot afford your own computer, there are lab machines available in every resident hall.  You may be able to borrow a laptop from Information Technologies. Contact IT at 715-394-8267 to reserve a laptop.

We like to make sure students have what they will need to get themselves through four years of college. Since technology is changing all the time, the networking technology changes as well. Please refer to the Residence Life Packet that talks about the current minimum specifications for your computer. ResNet will try to get any computer working with the network, but we can't guarantee that all computers, both old and new, will work with our network. We will do our best to get every computer to work on our network. ResNet does reserve the right to not work on computers.

You will be required to have a current Antivirus software on your computer. If you do not have a current antivirus program, you will be provided an option to download one from the school at the time of network registration.

If you choose to use one of the University sponsored antivirus program, you will need to remove any antivirus program before you can install our antivirus software. If ResNet works on a computer, we will remove any and all forms of expired antivirus software programs before we put ours on.

No you are not. Please refer to our “Policies” page to know more about this policy.

You will need a Cat5e Ethernet cable to hook up your computer to the residence hall network. A Cat5e cable is NOT the same as a phone cable. A phone line will typically have four wire leads on each end of the plug, and the plug will be a little less than 3/8" wide. A Cat5e Ethernet cable has eight wire leads, and the plug is a little less than ½" wide. These cables can be pretty much purchased anywhere. We do sell a limited quantity of 5' and 10' cables at the beginning of the school year.

These devices use network technology that is similar to computers. Like any computer in the Residence Life network, those machines would also have to be registered in order for them to work. Registration of these devices will have to take place in the ResNet office after school begins.

You can do one of two things to get your device connected to the network:


1. You can follow the instructions on how to register your own device by following the "Connecting to ResNet" page on the ResNet web page.


2.You can bring your system to the ResNet office, and we would be happy to help you get that set up. NOTE: Wii (original Wii's only) owners, wireless is no longer available for your Wii at UWS. You will need to purchase the wired adapter from Nintendo.

A MAC address (or a Media Access Control address) is a series of letters and numbers that is assigned to your network card inside your computer, gaming system, or wireless device. This number is supposed to be unique.