Network Registration

UW-Superior has a new network registration system that is not only designed to maintain the stability of the University's network, but to make network access much easier than previous years. Follow the steps below to get your computer, gaming device, or portable device on the network, on your own!

Wired or Wireless Registration

  1. Connect to the wired or wireless network (NOTE: Attach to the UWSUPER wireless network).
  2. Open your web browser of choice.
  3. Sign in with your username and password.
  4. Read and agree to the use and terms policy.
  5. You have access!

It is that simple!  No other software to install!

WITC and LSC Students, you will need your username and password provided to you that was used to log in to Live@UWS to log in to the network.

UWS Students, you will need your eHive username and password to log in to the network.

UWS Students and non-UWS students, if you come to campus with a gaming system or portable device that you want on the network, you no longer have to bring it to ResNet.

Gaming Systems and Portable Devices

  1. Logon to the school's network with the above instructions.
  2. Using your web browser, go to the My Devices portal.  (NOTE: You may get a "certificate error." Select to continue on this page - you may need to do this more than once.)
  3. Log in to the My Devices portal with your UWS username and password.
  4. Under "Device ID," put your devices MAC address (sometimes called WiFi address). (NOTE: If you do not know how to find your MAC address, search for it on-line. With so many different types of devices that use a MAC address, it would be hard to have instructions for each device.)
  5. Type a Description.
  6. Select Submit.  You will see the device in the "Your Devices" section (IE 8.0 users, use either Chrome of Firefox, as for your browser will let you input your device.  You won't see it listed.)

That's it!  Again, no extra client to install.  No need to visit the ResNet office.  Something you can do to get your devices working faster and not have to wait in line.

NOTE:  You are only allowed 5 devices in your My Device portal.

If you need your network port activated in your room, please call (715-394-8439) or e-mail ( our office, and we would be glad to set up your individual port in your room.  Please be aware, if you live in a double room, only one port can be activated per individual request.  A roommate cannot request his/her roommates port to be activated.  Suites can be activated the same way, one per individual request. If you are in a single room, you may have one port activated.

If you have any questions, please contact ResNet.