Anonymous Tips

If you have knowledge of a crime that occurred on campus and would like to report tips about it to UW-Superior Public Safety anonymously, please use our online form.

  • Type of known crime(s) that occurred.
  • Exact location or address where known crime(s) occurred.
  • Special dates or times when known crime(s) occur.
  • Explain why you suspect known crime(s) is/are being committed at this location, and any other potentially useful information that you are aware of.
  • Suspect(s) name(s).
  • If the suspect's name is not known, give a description. i.e. clothing, hair, height, build, etc.
  • How you became aware of known crime(s): (eyewitness, suspect told me, heard it from someone else, etc.)
  • Was UW-Superior Public Safety (715)394-8114 and/or Superior Police Department 911 called about known crime(s)?
  • All information provided will be kept CONFIDENTIAL!



To report a serious or violent crime in progress, please contact UW-Superior Public Safety at (715)394-8114 and/or call 911.

You may also do this anonymously if you wish.