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What is campus theft?

It is the theft of personal property on campus-or stealing the property of the school itself. Your campus is a special place or community where you live, learn, work and play. There are thieves on your campus, as there are in all communities. Given the right opportunity, thieves will steal any property left unprotected or unattended.

In fact, theft is the most common crime on American campuses!


 Why should I care about campus theft?

 Because everyone on campus is a potential victim! All people on campus have a responsibility to protect themselves and to help put an end to campus theft.

You can help by looking out for:

  • Yourself
  • Your possessions
  • School property
  • The property of other people on campus


 Make your campus a safe place to live and learn!

 By working together, students, faculty and staff can help block out campus theft! Know what thieves are after. Know where thieves like to strike. Keep your room or office safe from thieves. Play it safe. Don't be a walking target. Protect your bike. Keep your car safe. Take part in crime prevention programs. Watch for suspicious behavior. Ask questions.


 What are thieves after?

  • Cash, checks and credit cards because they are usually easy to use at least once without easily being caught.
  • Books, because they can be used for free or turned back in to the Book Store for cash when the book buy back happens.
  • Computers, TV's, Stereos, CD Players and CD's because they can use them themselves or sell them to other people for cash.
  • Bikes, because they can be used for free or can be sold to other people for cash.
  • School property, because they can use it themselves in their residences or sell it to other people for cash.


 Where do thieves usually like to strike?

 Most thieves like to strike in Residence Halls, Libraries, Athletic Facilities, Parking Lots and Academic Buildings.

 Campus thieves do not usually stand out because they are most likely students.


 How can I keep my residence safe from thieves?

  • Keep your doors locked even if you leave for just a minute or two.
  • Avoid leaving notes that say that you are not in.
  • Report any broken locks.
  • Close your shades or curtains to keep thieves from seeing in and casing your belongings.
  • Keep money, jewelry and other valuable items hidden or locked in a safe, if available. 


 Try not to be a walking target!

 Always walk in groups. Wear comfortable clothing. Plan where you are going. Carry a small amount of cash. Walk with confidence. Always trust your instincts. Be aware of the locations of Emergency phones and safe areas that you can run to quickly, if necessary.


 How can I protect my bike?

  • Always lock it up to a bike rack.
  • Use a U-shaped lock and a steel chain or cable to double lock your bike.
  • Put the lock and chain or cable through both wheels and frame.
  • Register your bike with the local Police Department or with Campus Safety.
  • Be able to identify your bike by its serial number or personally known markings. 
  • Report any thefts immediately.


 How can I keep my vehicle safe?

  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Lock your valuables in your trunk or take them with you. 
  • Park near a light.
  • Always check the back seat before getting in.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers or strangers.
  • Record the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and keep it in a safe place.
  • Be careful with anything on your vehicle or key chain that may identify your address to a potential thief.


 Join the fight against campus crime!

 Use locks.  Attend crime prevention programs. Take personal responsibility. Take part in any crime prevention programs on your campus. Keep a watch for any suspicious behavior. Such as a strange car that appears to be checking out an area. A person threatening you or anyone else. Any people in isolated or dark areas that may be looking for any opportunity. Any sounds that may be suspicious. Such as screams, explosions or gunshots and shattering glass. Ask questions of Campus Safety, local Police, and Residence Life. There are no bad questions. Volunteer to help in any way that you can to make your campus a safe place to live and learn.



 About Campus Theft

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