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Department Information and Services

Department Information and Services

Campus Safety Office

Department Information and Services

About Our Department

Campus Safety is charged with enforcing all Wisconsin statutes and providing safety services to our campus and local community.

  • Serve and protect students, employees, visitors, and our university buildings and lands striving to ensure a safe working and studying environment for all.
  • Conduct walking and vehicle patrols of the campus on a 24-hour basis, with all buildings and lands being randomly patrolled on a continuous basis.

Escorts from building to building, and from or to your car.

Admittance into labs and other designated rooms with a current and valid after-hours pass. (Except on Holidays)

Vehicle Services:

  • Jump Starts with a Booster Pack for security officers use.  $20.00 "cash or check only" service charge, only when we are successful.
  • Unlocks will no longer be attempted by Campus Safety personnel.

Transportation to Mariner Medical Clinic Urgent Care for people with non-critical injuries or illnesses.

  • You may also call Courtesy Cab: (218)590-9222 for a free ride with your valid student ID if we are unable to take you at the time for any reason.

Transportation to Essentia (St Mary's) Hospital of Duluth Emergency Room for voluntary psychologicalevaluation referrals, on a case by case basis.

  • REMEMBER TO CALL 9-1-1 for any serious medical emergency first!

Event Security Services: At $40.00 per hour per officer.  Contact Gary Gulbrandson - Director of the UW-Superior Department of Public Safety (715)394-8461.

Register your Bicycle for Free

  • We keep a digital photograph of your bicycle on file.
  • We maintain a database with bicycle information.
  • You get a Bicycle Registration Sticker for your ride.
  • Information can be shared with other local law enforcement agencies if needed.
  • How to receive an After Hours Pass from an instructor for after hours entry into labs or other specialized areas for classwork.

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