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Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide

Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide

Campus Safety Office

Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide

If you see fire or smell smoke in your immediate area, CALL 911 from a safe place outside the building.

  • You must evacuate the building.
  • Remove anyone in immediate danger.
  • Activate the fire alarm.
  • Evacuate via the nearest safe fire exit or remain in a safe zone.

If you hear a fire alarm you must evacuate the building.

  • Go to the nearest assembly location for the building. 
  • CALL 911 from a safe place outside the building.

CALL 911 and report the following information:

  • Location of the emergency
  • What has happened
  • Number of people injured
  • Is the injured person conscious
  • Is the injured person breathing
  • Is there any severe bleeding
  • Your name

CALL 911 and Campus Safety at (715)394-8114.

  • If a written bomb threat is received remain calm and save all materials and handle the materials as little as possible.
  • If a verbal bomb threat is made or received from a phone, remain calm and attempt to get information from the caller about the bomb, including the type of device, a description, its location and when is set to go off.
  • Be prepared to evacuate the building.
  • When time allows complete a Bomb Threat Record Form.

If a hostile intruder/active shooter is threatening to cause death or serious injury with a weapon within a building, occupants should take shelter within the building.

  • CALL 911, if safe to do so, and stay on the line.
  • DO NOT pull the fire alarm.

Outside a building, you should run as fast as you can away from the threat using a zigzag pattern and anything that you can use to block your view from the hostile intruder/active shooter.

  • Once you are away from immediate danger CALL 911 and stay on the line.
  • Remain in a safe place until Campus Safety gives the "all clear" signal.


  • Responding officers are trained to proceed immediately to the area where the shooting is taking place
  • Responding officers will point firearms at you while seeking the threat
  • Remain calm and immediately comply with all commands from law enforcement officers

If you are a victim or a witness of a verbally abusive individual or disruptive/destructive event CALL 911. If it is safe to do so, also call Campus Safety at (715)394-8114.

  • Never endanger yourself needlessly or continue to argue with the abusive person(s).

CALL 911 to report any suspicious or threatening mail or package.

CALL (715)394-8114 if you are unsure whether the letter or package is suspicious in nature.

What to do:

  • If the suspicious item has not been handled, leave the item where it is.
  • If you discover a suspicious item while handling it, set it down immediately.
  • If possible place it in a container such as a plastic bag or trash can.
  • Do not handle, shake, blow into an item, empty the contents, or show items to others.
  • Do not attempt to clean up any spilled materials.
  • Evacuate the room.
  • Close and lock the door to prevent others from entering.
  • Immediately wash your hands and face with soap and water.
  • Make a list of all who were in the area.
  • Wait for further instructions from law enforcement officials and Campus Safety.

More information on suspicious mail/packages is available at www.uwsuper.edu/emergency (Emergency Response Plan)

CALL 911 to report any external spill or hazard.

The campus community will be alerted to the external environmental hazards via weather alert radios, local television, radio station broadcasts, and campus-wide announcement systems.

  • When notified of an external environmental hazard, shelter in place inside your building and await further instructions.
  • Continue to monitor weather alert radios, etc., for instructions.
  • If a mass evacuation or relocation is ordered, await instructions from emergency personnel and follow them carefully.
  • If relocation is advised, take only your most needed items with you.
  • Check for any injuries and report them to 911 or (715)394-8114.  Do not leave the building until the "all clear" is sounded by local authorities.

CALL Campus Safety at (715)394-8114 to report releases or spills of hazardous materials inside of buildings.

  • If the release involves a small quantity of low-hazard material, evacuate the area and wait for assistance from a safe area.

The City of Superior does not have a city-wide warning system for severe weather.

Campus resources will be used to notify students and staff of impending severe weather.  Severe weather watches and warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and are broadcast on the Emergency Broadcast Network as well as local radio and television stations.

  • WATCH: issued when conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather.
  • WARNING: issued when severe storms are approaching.

The University Weather/Emergency Hotline

  • (715)394-8400 may be called to obtain the status of events when the campus is closed due to weather.

Storm Shelters

The safest areas are small windowless interior or interior corridors on the lowest available floor.  Stay away from windows, skylights, and exterior doors

CALL 911 if an individual's behavior presents a possible threat to the individual or others. Campus Safety should also be called at (715) 394-8114.

Non-emergency mental health situations

  • If you are concerned a student may have mental health issues which affect the student's ability to function properly on campus, you may make a referral to Counseling Services by calling their office at (715) 394-8236.  The referral may be made anonymously.  Please leave a message if calling outside regular business hours.  Student self-referrals are also welcome.


  • Similar concerns about a staff or faculty member should be referred to the Human Resources Office by calling (715) 394-8220.


  • For all emergencies CALL 911

  • Generally, any incident which poses a threat to persons or property could be considered an emergency.

  • If you are not sure what to do, call Campus Safety at (715)394-8114.

  • When it is necessary to CALL 911, no one should ever put themselves at risk. Only call when it is safe to do so.

  • Campus Safety will respond to all emergencies and should also be called if possible.

  • Never assume that someone else will make the call.

  • If no telephone is available, you may use one of the outside Blue Light Call Boxes.

  • This guide is intended to provide the University of Wisconsin-Superior community information which can be quickly referred to in an emergency.

All campus members should familiarize themselves with the campus emergency response policies available at www.uwsuper.edu/emergency.

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