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Bicycle Registration

Bicycle Registration

Campus Safety Office

Bicycle Registration

Bicycle Registration Information

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Blank Bicycle Registration Forms are available at the Public Safety Building at 606 Belknap Street M-F 7:30am to 4:30pm.

A digital photograph of your bicycle can be taken at the Public Safety Building.

All useful information will be taken by the registering person and entered into a bicycle registration data base for official use only.

If your bicycle is lost or stolen, file a report with the UW-Superior Campus Safety Office immediately.

Your registration information will be shared with other local law enforcement agencies in an effort to recover your bicycle.

If you sell/give your bicycle to someone else, have them stop by our office and have their information put in our files and have yours taken off.

Bicycle Registration Stickers are to be applied somewhere on the support bar that is directly below the seat.

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Always practice safe bicycling both on and off campus. 

NHTSA Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults Video


Bicycle Theft Prevention Tips

  • There are bicycle racks located all over our campus. These are to be used to lock up your bicycle.
  • Tree's and sign posts are not to be used as bicycle racks.
  • The use of a "D" type lock is highly encouraged because they are very hard to cut through.
  • Cable or chain type locks are recommended as the least amount of personal security for locking up your bicycle.
  • It is very important to lock up your bicycle every time that you are not with it. This makes it much harder for anyone to steal.
  • How to buy a bicycle lock video.This link points to an external webpage and will open in a new browser window or tab.


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