Bicycle Registration

Bicycle Registration SampleYou can register your bicycle for free with the University Police Department Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the Public Safety Building located at 606 Belknap Street.

By registering your bicycle, you improve your chances of having your bicycle returned to you should it be lost or stolen.

What does it mean to have my bicycle registered?    

  • A digital photograph of your bicycle will be taken   
  • All useful information will be recorded and entered into a bicycle registration database for our use only   
  • You will receive a bicycle registration sticker to place on your bicycle on the support bar directly below your seat 
    Sticker Location
  • If your bicycle is lost or stolen, file a report with the UW-Superior University Police Department immediately   
  • Your registration information will be shared with other local law enforcement agencies in an effort to recover your bicycle

If You Sell Your Bike 

If you sell or give your bike to someone else, notify the University Police Department and we will update the contact information on your registration.

Bicycle Theft Prevention Tips    

  • Use bicycle racks on campus to lock up your bike   
  • Don't use trees and sign posts to lock up your bike   
  • A "D"-type lock is the strongest and most difficult to cut   
  • Cable and chain-type locks are not recommended. They are easy to cut   
  • Remember to lock your bicycle

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