Innovation in Renewable Energy Development Scholarship

The city of Fort Collins FortZed provides a testing space for innovative prototype technologies and ideas aimed toward more efficient and sustainable energy for the future. With innovation the heart of our operation, FortZed works towards pioneering a better future by transitioning to cleaner transportation fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing energy usage, improving energy efficiency, and increasing the production and development of alternative, renewable energy. We encourage co-op developments, and work to connect private, public, and academic departments so that groups can combine their efforts to experiment with new renewable energy technology. We believe a stable, renewable energy source will result in the improvement of economic health, the attraction of leading companies and skilled workers to surrounding areas, more available job opportunities, and a cleaner, more secure energy future. It is our hope that the success of the Fort Collins FortZed program will lead to duplication of the model around the world.

We are thrilled and eager to offer a scholarship fund to an individual that can demonstrate informed creative thinking and problem solving applied to the development of a renewable energy technology.

Date Added: May 21, 2019
Requirements: Essay
Scholarship Type: External Scholarships
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