Diversity Committee


  • This council shall be accountable to the Student Senate. All actions shall be communicated to the Student Senate.
  • This council may make recommendations to the Student Senate President in regard to vacant positions on the Student Senate.
  • This council shall help the Multicultural Affairs Center to provide solutions to diversity problems on campus.
  • This council will proved resources for people on diversity; the Diversity Council will keep an ongoing file of information from all diversity conferences and symposiums, as this provides more information and tools on dealing with their issues to help with education.
  • This council will educate people on campus about multicultural affairs issues.
  • This council will provide a safe place and forum for the airing of problems or issues that their underrepresented group may have.
  • This council will build coalitions with organizations, administration, and other schools.
  • This council will keep relations up with the Multicultural Affairs Center and other organizations by making monthly visits.
  • This council includes these purposed but is not limited to the list above.


  • The chair shall be the Diversity Director of the Student Senate.
  • The President of the Student Senate shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of this council.
  • Up to five students-at-large shall be approved by the senate to serve on this Council which will be appointed by the president and confirmed by a majority vote of senate.
  • Up to five senators shall serve on this council.