Student Judiciary


The Internal External (IE) Council shall be accountable to the Student Senate. All of its actions shall be communicated to the senate.

The purposes of this Council shall be monitoring the functions of the Student Senate, operating elections, hearing parking and housing appeals, hearing impeachments, maintaining communication with the University Community, and regulating student organizations.

Member Roles

  • The chair shall be the Executive Director of the Student Senate.
  • Five Student Senate Members shall serve on this Council.
  • Two students-at-large shall serve on this Council which will be appointed by the president and confirmed by a majority vote of senate.
  • The President of the Student Senate shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting member of this Council.


  • Ben Damberg, Chair
  • Rina Matsuo
  • Karl Olson
  • Brianne MacDonnell
  • Nicole Stodola
  • Mieszko Brikis