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Other Counseling Services in the Twin Ports

Student Health and Counseling Services

University of Wisconsin-Superior

Marcovich Wellness Center 1729
Belknap and Catlin
P.O. Box 2000
Superior, WI 54880

ph. 715-394-8236

fax. 715-394-8108

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Student Health and Counseling Services

Other Counseling Services in the Twin Ports

Sliding Fee/Reduced Fee Counseling Services in Twin Ports Community Based on No current employment


Lutheran Social Services - 715-394-4173

  • Located at 39 N 25th St. E (behind Mariner Mall)
  • Proof of current income needed
  • D51 for Douglas County Resident - fees based on income and the county pays for services
  • Non-resident fees - $42.00 for first session and $28 per session after
  • Psychiatry available when seeing a counselor through LSS


Lake Superior Community Health Clinic in Superior - 715-392-1955

  • Located at 3600 Tower Ave. Suite 1 Superior, WI 54880
  • Superior location is for counseling only
  • Minimum of $5 per visit 
  • Individual is responsible for the remainder of the bill
  • Monthly fee determined between the clinic and the individual


Lake Superior Community Health Clinic in Duluth - 218-722-1497

  • Located at 4325 Grand Ave. Suite 1 Duluth, MN 55807
  • Medication assistance is available


Human Development Center (HDC) in Superior - 715-392-8216

  • Located at 1500 North 34th St. Superior WI, 54880
  • Must be a Douglas County resident to receive reduced fee/sliding fee services
  • There may be an exception for currently enrolled college students


Human Development Center (HDC) in Duluth - 218-728-4491

  • Located at E. 1st St. Duluth, MN 55805


Essentia Health Miller Dwan (formerly SMDC Behavioral Health/Miller Dwan)

  • Located at 400 E. 3rd St. Duluth, MN 54805 (in the 2nd St. Building)
  • 24 hour Crisis Line - 218-723-0099
  • Mental Health Clinic for Adults - 218-786-1186
  • Adult Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit - 218-786-2837
  • Adult Partial Hospitalization Program - 218-786-5990
  • No sliding fee services available


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