Student Health and Counseling Services

The mission of Student Health and Counseling Services is to support student well-being by providing health education, prevention, promotion and treatment, ultimately influencing academic achievement and connectedness with campus and community.

How to Make a Counseling Appointment at SHCS | UW-Superior
Here's how to make a counseling appointment at the Student Health and Counseling Service (SHCS) of UW-Superior.
How to Make a Medical Appointment - SHCS | UW-Superior
Here's how a UW-Superior student can make a medical appointment at Mariner Medical Clinic and Urgent Care.

Counseling is a process in which you meet with a trained professional who can help you sort out issues, assist in decision making and help you develop and achieve your personal goals. You and your counselor engage in a collaborative process to examine current difficulties or distress in a safe and confidential atmosphere.