Grant Award and Management

Congratulations! You’ve done the hard work of developing and submitting a proposal. Now what? Below you can find resources to assist you in managing your grant/contract as well as the necessary processes you need to follow.

Accepting Awards and Signing Authority

Immediately following notification of your award inform Sponsored Programs via email at Please include any award letter, contract, or written notification that you received related to this grant or contract. Only Sponsored Programs can accept a grant award. Once Sponsored Programs receives notification of the grant award, the Grant Accountant will work with the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance to execute and return the contract, if required. Once an award is received and accepted the Grant Accountant will setup an account in WISDM for the grant and notify the principal investigator when they are able to begin spending towards the grant.

Grant Award Meeting

For new grantees and/or complex grants Sponsored Programs will meet with the principal investigator(s) at the time of contract receipt to review the grant requirements and discuss the level of support needed and desired by the principal investigator(s) during the grant period. We can assist you in working with other business services on campus, such as setting up salaries with Human Resources, travel, etc.

Budget Management and Grant Compliance

The Grant Accountant is able to assist you in spending and tracking expenses in line with your project’s budget. The level of support you anticipate needing during the grant period should be established at the start of the grant. Sponsored Programs also acts as a resource to help ensure you are following federal guidance, where applicable, to advise on allowable costs, and to assist in any needed grant modifications.


Publications or presentations resulting from work funded by UW-Superior grant programs should acknowledge that funds came from the program under which funds were awarded.

If a granting agency has additional guidelines, please be certain to comply.


The Grant Accountant will complete and submit the necessary financial reporting and invoicing in compliance with the grant or contract terms. All progress reports and narrative reporting is required to be completed and submitted to the sponsor in compliance with the grant or contract terms by the principal investigator. A copy of the report should be submitted to Sponsored Programs via email at