Grant Planning and Proposal Development Services

If you’re considering applying for funding to support your research, project, or a program please contact us as soon as possible. We can provide an array of resources and support throughout the development and submission process to ensure you are submitting a competitive proposal. You can also find many resources within the Creating a Winning Proposal section of our website.

Initial Proposal Planning (2-12 months in advance)

  • One on one coaching including project planning, timeline management, and advice for building competitive partnerships
  • Locate grant writing training suitable for your project
  • Assistance finding collaborators for your scholarly research, curriculum development, programming, etc.
  • Assistance designing an effective project evaluation plan and identifying partners and/or resources to conduct the evaluation plan
  • Samples of similar funded proposals
  • Schedule meetings with the Program Officer of the sponsoring agency
  • Identify an external grant writing to write your proposal where paid for and approved by your department or Institute Director

Proposal Development (2-3 weeks prior to the submission deadline)

  • Identify collaborators—Sponsored Programs assists many applicants in finding useful collaborators to complement their expertise or scholarship.
  • Provide mentors—We can help you locate successful principal investigators to provide mentoring, support, and advice for discipline specific proposals.
  • Obtain letters of commitment from partners—We can assist you in obtaining letters of commitment and support from current and prospective partners once a first draft of your proposal is completed.
  • Competitive review—We will provide an in depth review of your proposal and provide detailed advice about how to make your proposal more competitive.