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The Department of Student Involvement will continue to provide opportunities for all students to engage in student-led programs and organizations. Student Involvement staff will be available through virtual appointments Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The best way to connect is by emailing Student Involvement to schedule a virtual meeting.

Programs offered through Student Involvement include:

Programs may be offered in-person, but will always offer a virtual format so that all students can participate. To find out more about upcoming programs, check ‘Jacket Hub or Facebook and Instagram.

Yellowjacket Activities Crew

The Yellowjacket Activities Crew programming board will continue to offer free weekly virtual programming such as trivia, bingo and crafts.

Student Organizations

Recognized student organizations will continue to operate and will be encouraged to utilize technology to host meetings and events virtually. To browse student organizations, visit ‘Jacket Hub. You can click on each organization to read a short description or contact a student leader. There is even a “join” button you can click if you want to become a member of an organization. If you need assistance navigating ‘Jacket Hub, contact Student Involvement to schedule a demonstration.

Students are also encouraged to start new student organizations. Schedule a “Get Started” meeting with Student Involvement staff to learn what you need to do to apply for recognition.

As you plan upcoming meetings and events, please review these questions to determine the best format while keeping the health and safety of your participants in mind.
If you decide to hold meetings and/or events in-person, the Event Planning During COVID-19: Student Organization Guidelines should be reviewed and followed. Be sure you understand what health and safety protocols must be in place. This includes ensuring physical distancing, use of face masks/coverings, and attendance tracking. At this time, attendance at campus events is limited to the campus community. For more information about holding in-person events, review the Best Practices for Your Physically Distanced Programming.

Student Involvement staff will continue to be available to student organizations for guidance on planning virtual and limited in-person events and navigating campus guidelines during COVID-19.