Strategic Plan Dashboard

I. Student Experience

I.1: Experiential Learning

I.2: Co-Curricular Experiences

  • % students involved in co-curricular activities
  • % graduates involved in co-curricular activities
  • Average # of co-curricular activities per student
  • Average # of co-curricular activities per student at graduation

I.3: Alternative Delivery

I.4: Transition Programs

II. Thriving Partnerships

II.1: Community Engagement

II.2: Meeting Employment Needs

  • Annual survey of regional employers
  • # of collaborative partnerships with other educational institutions

II.3: Signature Programs

  • # of signature programs
  • # of undergraduates in signature programs
  • # of graduates in signature programs

II.4: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

III. Achieving Excellence

III.1: Diverse Student Body

III.2: Retention and Graduation

III.3: Employee Excellence

IV. Resource Management

IV.1: Program Assessment

  • Establish and monitor assessment structures and processes in all academic and non-academic programs

IV.2: Budget and Planning

  • Ensure that the budget and planning process of the University is transparent and grounded in the Strategic Plan

IV.3: Resources Support Excellence

  • Ensure resources and facilities are appropriate to support the University as an institution committed to excellence
Benchmark Indicators: >5% below target >5% below target <5% below target <5% below target Meet/exceeds target Meet/exceeds target Unknown Unknown
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