Superior Visions 2020

After researching, collecting and analyzing data, writing, discussing and revising the Superior Visions 2020 strategic plan is complete.

View a Summary of the Superior Visions 2020 Strategic Plan and watch the Superior Visions 2020 Video.

Read the Superior Visions 2020 Strategic Plan.

The goal of the strategic planning process:

  • Determine our collective vision for the University of Wisconsin-Superior.
  • Ensure the University's continued vitality, sustainability, excellence, and relevance; and ultimately,
  • Safeguard that we are still positioned to keep our promises to students in the future.

The process sought to be systematic, data-informed, targeted, and tied to institutional resources and assessment. There were reflection points throughout, which provided our constituencies chances to offer their best thinking and feedback as the plan took shape.

Helping us through the process in 2013-14 was Dr. Stephen Reno.

The result of these efforts is a vision for UW-Superior that will set the bar for educational excellence in the 21st century.

Renée M. Wachter, Ph.D., Chancellor

For information on sunsetting Superior Visions 2020 and designing the new strategic plan, please visit the Strategic Planning SharePoint site.