Student Handbook/Conduct

The University of Wisconsin-Superior is a community of students, faculty and staff working together in the pursuit of learning.  Actions consistent with the University's values are an essential component of an environment that supports student development and learning.  It fosters a community that is safe from violence, free from harassment, fraud, theft, disruption, and intimidation.

UW-Superior students are members of both the University community and the larger community of which the University is a part and as such are entitled to all of the rights and protections enjoyed by members of the larger community.  At the same time, students are responsible for conducting themselves in a lawful manner and in compliance with the University's policies and codes of conduct.   

UW-Superior students are accountable for their actions.  The student conduct process fosters the development of leaders and citizens who exercise personal responsibility, ethical decision-making, and cross-cultural competency.

**This web site is intended to provide information on UW-Superior policies and UW System's Administrative codes; the information in this site is linked directly to the updated versions of the policies and supersede any printed copies of policies at UW-Superior.  Policies are printed in the portfolio new students receive as they enter the university.  Copies are available through the Assistant Dean of Students Office by calling 715-394-8243 .

Note:  Policy may be subject to change throughout the year and the most up-to-date policies will be maintained on this website.