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Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Dr. Eleni Pinnow epinnow{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Sam Yeskis-West syeskisw{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Alliance alliance{atuws}
Purpose:We support and promote visibility and awareness of/for the LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff here at UW-Superior! We provide a safe atmosphere that is bound to make anyone feel welcome.

American Choral Directors Association

Primary Student Contact:Aine Miller amill103{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:ACDA
Purpose:To provide the following: educational experiences for all interested in choral music education, to represent the university at regional and national ACDA events and to share choral music with our campus and community.
Permalink:American Choral Directors Association

Amnesty International

Categories:Social Activism
Advisor:Dr. Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi kdokhanc{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Emily Koch ekoch4{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:UWS Amnesty International uwsamnestyinternational{atuws}
Purpose:We are a group of students dedicated to bringing awareness to local and global rights concerns to the UW-Superior community.
Permalink:Amnesty International


Barbecue Club

Advisor:Mr. Keith Douglas kdouglas{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Benjamin Damberg bdamberg{atuws}
Purpose:The mission of BBQ club is to provide support to other student organizations for their events by providing grilling services. We also are there to inform students of the joys of BBQ.
Permalink:Barbecue Club

Beta Nu Phi

Advisor:Carol Brown PhD cbrown56{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Daniel Robertson drober23{atuws}
Purpose:Beta Nu Phi was established to recognize and promote excellence in the counseling profession. Members continued commitment to personal and professional excellence that our mission is realized.
Permalink:Beta Nu Phi

Black Student Union

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Governing, Other, Professional, Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Mr. Ephraim Kotey Nikoi enikoi{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:D'Andre Robinson drobin17{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:BSU bsu{atuws}
Purpose:The Black Student Union also provides programs and social activities of the UW-Superior and off -campus communities to create an awareness and understanding of the African-American/African/Caribbean experience.
Permalink:Black Student Union

Buzz Business Team

Advisor:Dr. Ethan Christensen echris22{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Emily Schoenborn eschoen3{atuws}
Purpose:Buzz Business Team encourages the development of marketing and management skills through networking and leadership opportunities.
Permalink:Buzz Business Team


Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Ms. Heather Kahler hkahler{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Zach Parsons zparsons{atuws}
Purpose:Cru exists as an opportunity for university students who want to explore the things that matter in life, relate with one another and grow in a relationship with Jesus. We are a caring community passionate about connecting people with Jesus Christ.
Permalink:Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

Campus Volunteer Group/Alternative Spring Break

Categories:Service & Volunteerism
Primary Student Contact:Jessicas Buelow jbuelow{atuws}
Purpose:We participate in Habitat for Humanity's Collegiate Challenge by spending our spring break building homes for low-income families across the United States. We also do volunteer activities throughout the academic year on campus and in the Twin Ports.
Permalink:Campus Volunteer Group/Alternative Spring Break

Catholic Campus Ministry

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Dr. Brett Jones bjones5{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Zach Mazurek zmazurek{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:SuperiorNewmanCenter
Purpose:To promote faith and fellowship among Catholic University students. Also open to students of all faiths.
Permalink:Catholic Campus Ministry

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Categories:Academic, Social Activism, Human Diversity
Advisor:Dr. Mei Cao mcao1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Yuchen Li yli7{atuws}
Purpose:The Chinese Students and Scholars Association is dedicated to communicate Chinese culture with other various cultures around the world and committed to promote social, cultural and intellectual activities for Chinese students and scholars at UW-Superior.
Permalink:Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Competitive Marksman Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Steven Thell sthell1{atuws}
Purpose:To provide students with the opportunity to competitively participate in a club sport against other intercollegiate individuals and teams, to enhance the student experience for those involved, and develop social, mental, and leadership skills.
Permalink:Competitive Marksman Club

Criminal Justice Honor Society

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Ms. Maureen Rappley-Larson mlarson{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Emily Lear elear{atuws}
Purpose:The purpose of this club is to offer hands on learning opportunity for those interested in the criminal justice field and potentially graduate school, community service, conferences, and guest speakers.
Permalink:Criminal Justice Honor Society

Criminal Justice Student Association

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Ms. Maureen Rappley-Larson mlarson{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Charles Mahlen cmahlen2{atuws}
Purpose:The purpose of this club is to offer a hands on learning opportunity for those interested in the criminal justice field through guest speakers: community service, and regional/nation conferences.
Permalink:Criminal Justice Student Association


English Club

Categories:Academic, Human Diversity, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Hilary Fezzey hfezzey{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Jamie Taft jtaft2{atuws}
Purpose:To ensure that all UWS students can be a part of not only an academic club, but one that is social and can help students gain insight through their love of literature, movies, and volunteering.
Permalink:English Club


Figure Skating Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Dr. Deborah Schlacks dschlack{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Tabitha Brower tbrower{atuws}
Purpose:To help new and old skaters practice their skills on ice. Experienced skaters will be able to continue and practice their skills but also help inexperienced skaters learn the basics.
Permalink:Figure Skating Club

Financial Management Association

Advisor:David Koslowsky dkoslows{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Paige Ford pford5{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:fma fma{atuws}
Purpose:Our goal is to promote the development and understanding of finance practices, and to provide opportunities for interaction between practitioners, academicians, and students.
Permalink:Financial Management Association

Future Teachers Association

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Taylor Walkky twalkky{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Emily Graff egraff{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:FTA fta2{atuws}
Purpose:The Future Teachers Association is an organization open to all students who have an interest in teaching or education. FTA sponsors a variety of professional development, volunteer, and social activities throughout the school year.
Permalink:Future Teachers Association


Healthy Happy People Club

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Kim Lebard-Rankila klebard{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Katherine White kwhite26{atuws}
Purpose:To encourage current awareness of professional standards and research in the areas of allied health professional, and encourage attendance at conferences and other meetings that support health, fitness, educational awareness and ethical leadership.
Permalink:Healthy Happy People Club

Hispanic Organization Latino Americana

Categories:Human Diversity
Primary Student Contact:Ana I. Reyes Lam areyesla{atuws}
Purpose:To educate the University of Wisconsin – Superior campus and the Twin Ports community about the diversity within and the issues facing Latin@/Hispanic culture, thereby facilitating intercultural dialogue.
Permalink:Hispanic Organization Latino Americana



Categories:Academic, Human Diversity, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Eleni Pinnow epinnow{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brittany Olson bolson66{atuws}
Purpose:We are a psychology organization open to all students at UWS. Our group focuses on promoting psychology as a science. Our goal is to create an open environment and flow of ideas about what makes psychology interesting.

International Peace Studies Association

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Political
Advisor:Dr. Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi kdokhanc{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Samantha Wells swells10{atuws}
Purpose:Interacting both on and off campus we try and bring awareness to individuals for elements such as peace on the international level.
Permalink:International Peace Studies Association

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Mr. Jeffrey Engstrom jengstro{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Cassidy Irwin cirwin1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:info
Purpose:To establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world.
Permalink:InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


Korean Christian Fellowship

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Dr. Shin-Ping Tucker stucker5{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Hyunjung An han{atuws}
Purpose:To encourage the belief in God and to share about Jesus among the Korean students and all students in the campus.
Permalink:Korean Christian Fellowship

Korean Economics Student Association

Categories:Academic, Professional
Primary Student Contact:Kyuseok Choi kchoi1{atuws}
Purpose:We will discuss about economic issues in our society. We are also welcome to international students.
Permalink:Korean Economics Student Association

Korean International Students Active Discussion Organization

Advisor:Dr. Chad Vollrath cvollrat{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Eunseok Lee elee9{atuws}
Purpose:Enhancing an ability to think critically and creatively through discussion
Permalink:Korean International Students Active Discussion Organization


Math and Computer Science Club

Advisor:Dr. Steven Rosenberg srosenbe{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Zach Reiswig zreiswig{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:mcsclub mcsclub{atuws}
Purpose:Promote Math and Computer Science on campus and in the community.
Permalink:Math and Computer Science Club

Men's Club Baseball

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Shaun Marshall smarsha2{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brian Tracey btracey{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:clubbaseball clubbaseball{atuws}
Purpose:Providing an educational experience, with the aim to instill in players the elements of fairness, teamwork, self-control, courtesy and respect.
Permalink:Men's Club Baseball

Men's Club Hockey Team

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Jesse Polson jpolson1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Justin Ruedebush jruedebu{atuws}
Purpose:Club hockey provides an opportunity for students to continue playing competitive hockey without the rigorous commitment required in the NCAA.
Permalink:Men's Club Hockey Team

MMA and Self-Defense Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Gelu Septimu Bolba gbolba{atuws}
Purpose:Train and develop MMA and self-defense skills.
Permalink:MMA and Self-Defense Club

Mock Trial

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Maria Cuzzo mcuzzo{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Karlie Mattson kmattso6{atuws}
Purpose:Mock Trial is an academic, forensic, competitive activity that teaches students how to analyze, organize, argue, and effectively present a case to the trial court for decision.
Permalink:Mock Trial


National Association for Future Music Educators

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Pamela Bustos pbustos{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Bryon Klimek bklimek{atuws}
Purpose:The purpose of the CNAfME, Ch. 37 organization shall be: Conduct programs and activities to build a vital musical culture for the benefit and the general welfare of all persons. Improve the quality of teaching, research, and scholarship in music.
Permalink:National Association for Future Music Educators

National Band Association Collegiate Chapter - University of Wisconsin Superior

Advisor:Dr. Pamela Bustos pbustos{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Amanda Seefeldt aseefeld{atuws}
Purpose:To conduct programs and activities that build a vital musical culture for the benefit and the general welfare of all persons.
Permalink:National Band Association Collegiate Chapter - University of Wisconsin Superior

National Society of Leadership and Success

Advisor:Ms. Kimberly Kelly kkelly{atuws}
Advisor:Monte Stewart mstewar9{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Kayla Weltzien kweltzi1{atuws}
Purpose:The National Society of Leadership and Success achieves profound results in helping students discover and attain their goals, offering life changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where students help one another succeed.
Permalink:National Society of Leadership and Success

Native Nations Student Organization

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Mr. Gary Johnson gjohnson{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Hannah Hildebrand hhildebr{atuws}
Purpose:To spread cultural awareness on campus and in the community about first nations peoples.
Permalink:Native Nations Student Organization

Nemadji Review

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Jayson Iwen jiwen{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Kelci Greenwood kgreenw1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:thenemadjireview
Purpose:Members of the club will work to gather academic and creative writing from UWS students and the community. By the end of the school year, the editorial staff (club members) will organize and publish the year's copy of "The Nemadji Review".
Permalink:Nemadji Review


Political Science Association

Categories:Social Activism, Political, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi kdokhanc{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Matthew McCoshen mmccosh1{atuws}
Purpose:Political Science Association aims to get students involved in politics and raise awareness about the ways in which government affects their lives.
Permalink:Political Science Association

Pre-Health Club

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Kurt Schmude kschmude{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Wyatt Sorel wsorel{atuws}
Purpose:The Pre-Health Club strives to assist pre-professional students in their undergraduate years who plan on a career in healthcare. The club will provide opportunities for volunteering, networking, and professional school entrance exam preparation.
Permalink:Pre-Health Club

Pre-Law Society

Advisor:Dr. Maria Cuzzo mcuzzo{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Nicole Stodola nstodola{atuws}
Purpose:The Pre-law Society is a student organization dedicated to helping students find their fit in the legal community, foster teaching in the law, and aid in application to various legal careers.
Permalink:Pre-Law Society

Promethean, The

Advisor:Thomas Hansen Thansen7{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Kal Yates kyates{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:promethean promethean{atuws}
Purpose:To serve the University in the capacity of the Press, to cover all important news which pertains to the students of the University of Wisconsin-Superior, both of news which occurs within the walls of the University and outside.
Permalink:Promethean, The

Psi Chi

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Eleni Pinnow epinnow{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Bailey Churchill bchurch1{atuws}
Purpose:We are a psychology organization open to all students at UWS. We focus on psychological research and education in the subfields available, with the goal of promoting psychology as a science, expanding our knowledge, and giving back to the community.
Permalink:Psi Chi


Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Advisor:Ms. Allison Flaig aflaig1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Samantha Wells swells10{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:rha rha{atuws}
Purpose:We provide social interaction, community opportunities, and an open forum for those who live in the Residence Halls.
Permalink:Residence Hall Association (RHA)


SBE Event Planning Committee

Advisor:Ms. Kay Biga kbiga{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Nichole Roseth nroseth{atuws}
Purpose:The UW-Superior School of Business Event Planning Committee is a student organization that focuses on getting students involved on campus as well as teaching them valuable skills.
Permalink:SBE Event Planning Committee

Sigma Tau Delta

Advisor:Dr. Hilary Fezzey hfezzey{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Ian Walker iwalker2{atuws}
Purpose:The Alpha Tau Alpha chapter of the International English Honor Society provides cultural stimulation and promotes interest in literature, language, and writing.
Permalink:Sigma Tau Delta

Soccer Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Mr. Ephraim Kotey Nikoi enikoi{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Terry Botsio mbotsio{atuws}
Purpose:To provide students with an opportunity to be involved in an organized soccer program and still enjoy social interaction with peers of differing cultures.
Permalink:Soccer Club

Social Work Student Organization

Categories:Academic, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Lynn Goerdt lgoerdt{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Adelia Kindstrand akindstr{atuws}
Purpose:The purpose of the Social Work Student Association is to increase awareness of the social work profession on campus. SWSA looks to impact the local community and campus through the service of students.
Permalink:Social Work Student Organization

Sociology and Anthropology Club

Categories:Academic, Social Activism, Recreational
Advisor:Dr. Meghan Krausch mkrausch{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Kaylie Knase kknase3{atuws}
Purpose:SAC aims to familiarize students with anthropology and sociology, provide opportunities for faculty/student communication, promote a culture of research, develop opportunities for socializing; and collaborate with other organizations within the community.
Permalink:Sociology and Anthropology Club

Stimulus Club

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Rubana Mahjabeen rmahjabe{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brian Honness bhonness{atuws}
Purpose:Engage students and broader community in stimulating current economic issues and undergraduate research.
Permalink:Stimulus Club

Street Level Ministries

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Ms. Heather Kahler hkahler{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Adam Lein alein1{atuws}
Purpose:The point of everything that we do is to know Jesus, know each other, and share our faith with those around us.
Permalink:Street Level Ministries

Students of Science

Advisor:Dr. Edward Burkett eburkett{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Jessica Buelow jbuelow{atuws}
Purpose:We pledge to expand horizons and reach out to the campus and community and provide science-related opportunities to enrich students in their education. We provide a relaxed atmosphere to students where they can pursue their science interests.
Permalink:Students of Science

Superior Alliance of Gamers and Associates (SAGA)

Advisor:Dr. Eric Edwards eedward2{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Timothy Stahl tstahl1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:saga saga{atuws}
Purpose:Superior Alliance of Gamers and Associates is a student-run organization that seeks to bring students together with gaming. The purpose is to provide stress relief via shared hobbies and interests while meeting new people.
Permalink:Superior Alliance of Gamers and Associates (SAGA)


Tennis Club

Categories:Club Sports, Recreational
Advisor:Ms. Kristine Patterson kpatter1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Sylvester Coker-Gibbs dcokergi{atuws}
Purpose:To enjoy the game of the game of tennis and assist beginners in learning the rules of the game.
Permalink:Tennis Club

Transportation and Logistics Club

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Daniel Rust drust1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Gavin Johnson gjohns31{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:trspclub trspclub{atuws}
Purpose:Helping connect transportation and logistics management students with industry professionals and learning about industry events.
Permalink:Transportation and Logistics Club


Ultimate Frisbee Club

Advisor:Mr. Joseph Eickman jeickman{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Thomas Lidholm tlidholm{atuws}
Purpose:The purpose of the Ultimate Frisbee Club is to: A. Promote physical, mental, and social fitness. B. build Leadership, initiative, and teamwork amongst the members. C. promote the spot of Ultimate in a competitive and sportsman like manner.
Permalink:Ultimate Frisbee Club


Veterans and Friends

Categories:Social Activism
Advisor:Jason Young jyoung24{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Davin DePoe ddepoe{atuws}
Purpose:Provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere to military veterans, as well as social outreach with non-military affiliated students.
Permalink:Veterans and Friends


Women's Lacrosse Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Ms. Kristine Patterson kpatter1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Aimee Toland atoldand3{atuws}
Purpose:To teach and support competitive play in women's lacrosse. The team travels and competes in local and regional tournaments and events.
Permalink:Women's Lacrosse Club

Womens Club Volleyball

Categories:Club Sports, Recreational
Advisor:Ms. Kristine Patterson kpatter1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Molly Regan mregan1{atuws}
Purpose:We are a competitive volleyball team that plays in the badger region conference traveling to other UW schools to participate in tournaments.
Permalink:Womens Club Volleyball

World Student Association

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Natalia McNab nmcnab{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Kota Yanagidani kyanagid{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:wsa wsa{atuws}
Purpose:Our Mission is to promote cultural awareness by organizing programs which include the WSA student body, faculty and the local community.
Permalink:World Student Association