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African Students Association (ASA)

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Mr. Ephraim Kotey Nikoi enikoi{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Regina Rex rrex{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:African Students Association asa{atuws}
Purpose:Through the establishment of this organization, diversity and inclusiveness will better be advocated for, making known the various cultures, tribes, and countries that make up the African community on the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus.
Permalink:African Students Association (ASA)

Alliance Student Organization

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity
Advisor:T Leeper tleeper{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Gabriela Vo hvo1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Alliance alliance{atuws}
Purpose:This organization advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and to bring awareness of LGBTQ+ issues such as visibility, education, and inclusion.
Permalink:Alliance Student Organization

Alternative Spring Break/Campus Volunteer Group (ASB/CVG)

Categories:Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Brittney Kemi bkemi{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Aaron Knickrehm aknickre{atuws}
Purpose:Provide an opportunity for students to get involved with the local community in volunteer projects, as well as help Habitat for Humanity build a house in a different location over Spring Break.
Permalink:Alternative Spring Break/Campus Volunteer Group (ASB/CVG)

American Choral Directors Association-Student Chapter (ACDA)

Advisor:Dr. Michael Fuchs mfuchs1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Aine Miller amill103{atuws}
Purpose:To foster and support choral music on campus and within the Twin Ports community
Permalink:American Choral Directors Association-Student Chapter (ACDA)

Amnesty International

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi kdokhanc{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Angelica Remache aremache{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:UWS Amnesty International uwsamnestyinternational{atuws}
Purpose:Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization focused on human rights. As a student group on campus, we strive to bring awareness to the campus community through tabling, petitions, fundraising, community events, and conferences.
Permalink:Amnesty International

Art Education Society of UW-Superior (AES)

Advisor:Shannon Cousino scousino{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Colin Witta cwitta1{atuws}
Purpose:To promote, discuss and make art, learn about leadership and teamwork in an art classroom, share opportunities to grow as an art teacher, network with others interested in art education, and provide art outreach in the campus and greater community.
Permalink:Art Education Society of UW-Superior (AES)


BBQ Club

Categories:Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Heather Rickerl hrickerl{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Zachary Imes zimes{atuws}
Purpose:Provide BBQ services for campus events.
Permalink:BBQ Club

Beta Nu Phi (BNP)

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. John Paul jpaul3{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Abbie Poush apoush{atuws}
Purpose:To encourage students in the Guidance and Counseling program to seek learning and service opportunities to strengthen their professional goals and the community at large.
Permalink:Beta Nu Phi (BNP)

Black Student Union (BSU)

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Jerel Benton jbenton1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Opeyemi Omiwale oomiwale{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Black Student Union bsu{atuws}
Purpose:Black Student Union provides cultural awareness, social events, and support for the student and the community.
Permalink:Black Student Union (BSU)

Buzz Business Team (BBT)

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Ethan Christensen echris22{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Rebecca Jago rjago1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Buzz Business Team bbt{atuws}
Purpose:Buzz Business Team encourages the development of marketing and management skills through networking and leadership opportunities.
Permalink:Buzz Business Team (BBT)


Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Dr. Brett Jones bjones5{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Zackary Mazurek zmazurek{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:SuperiorNewmanCenter
Purpose:This organization encourages fellowship and provides community for Catholic and non-Catholic students on the UW-Superior Campus.
Permalink:Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)

Cheer and Dance Club (Cheer)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Allison Garver agarver{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Elissa Terkoski eterkosk{atuws}
Purpose:Promote school spirit and university pride; support UWS athletics by performing at home games and promoting positive crowd involvement; develop safe, responsible cheerleading skills as a team.
Permalink:Cheer and Dance Club (Cheer)

Chi Alpha (XA)

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Kyle Roskoski kroskosk{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Akua Asiedu aasiedu{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Chi Alpha
Purpose:We reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and mission to transform the university, the marketplace, and the world.
Permalink:Chi Alpha (XA)

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Dr. Mei Cao mcao1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Xueying Mei xmei1{atuws}
Purpose:The CSSA is dedicated to communicating Chinese culture with other various cultures around the world, and committed to promotion social, cultural, and intellectual activities for Chinese students and scholars at UW-Superior.
Permalink:Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Criminal Justice Honor Society (CJHS)

Advisor:Dr. Maria Cuzzo mcuzzo{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Luke Jacques ljacques{atuws}
Purpose:The Criminal Justice Honor Society is an organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement with the Legal Studies major and CJUS concentration. Participation in the National Society, along with the local chapter.
Permalink:Criminal Justice Honor Society (CJHS)

Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA)

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Steven Steblay ssteblay{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Erica Bauer ebauer10{atuws}
Purpose:This organization offers learning opportunities for those interested in the criminal justice field through guest speakers, community service, campus events and regional/national conferences.
Permalink:Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA)


Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Heather Kahler hkahler{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Zach Parsons zparsons{atuws}
Purpose:CRU exists as an opportunity for university students who want to explore the things that matter in life, relate with one another and grow in a relationship with Jesus. We are a caring community passionate about connecting people with Jesus Christ.


English Club

Categories:Academic, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Hilary Fezzey hfezzey{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Heather Savela hsavela{atuws}
Purpose:To ensure that all UW-Superior students can be a part of not only an academic club, but one that is social and can help students gain insight through their love of literature, movies, and volunteering
Permalink:English Club

Esport Club of UWS (UWS Esports)

Advisor:Edward Knudsen eknudsen{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Jack Moehrke jmoehrke{atuws}
Purpose:This organization engages friends and the community into the world—and culture—that is Esports.
Permalink:Esport Club of UWS (UWS Esports)


Future Teachers Association (FTA)

Advisor:Taylor Walkky-Byington twalkky{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Allison Paske apaske1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Future Teachers Association fta{atuws}
Purpose:The Future Teachers Association is an organization open to all students who have an interest in teaching or education. FTA sponsors a variety of professional development, volunteer, and social activities throughout the school year.
Permalink:Future Teachers Association (FTA)


Healthy Happy People Club (HHP Club)

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Danielle Karvonen dkarvone{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Luke King lking8{atuws}
Purpose:This organization encourages all HHP majors and minors to promote fitness, nutrition, health, and physical education by attending professional meetings and conferences around the Midwestern area.
Permalink:Healthy Happy People Club (HHP Club)

Hispanic Organization Latino Americana (HOLA)

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Dr. Jeanette Pucheu jpucheu{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Daniela Leon dleonvar{atuws}
Purpose:This organization educates the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus and the Twin Ports community about the diversity within and the issues facing Latin@/Hispanic culture, thereby facilitating intercultural dialogue.
Permalink:Hispanic Organization Latino Americana (HOLA)


Inkblots Psychology Club (Inkblots)

Categories:Professional, Recreational
Advisor:Dr. Eleni Pinnow epinnow{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Rachael Tuve
Purpose:Inkblots is dedicated to providing social opportunities for students interested in Psychology.
Permalink:Inkblots Psychology Club (Inkblots)

International English Honor Society: Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Tau Alpha Chapter (Sigma Tau Delta)

Advisor:Dr. Hilary Fezzey hfezzey{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Scott Holmes sholmes9{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Alison Tollas atollas{atuws}
Purpose:The Alpha Tau Alpha chapter of the International English Honor Society provides cultural stimulation and promotes interest in literature, language, and writing.
Permalink:International English Honor Society: Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Tau Alpha Chapter (Sigma Tau Delta)

International Peace Studies Association (IPSA)

Categories:Social Activism, Political, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi kdokhanc{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Michael Michelizzi mmichel1{atuws}
Purpose:This organization interacts both on and off campus and tries to bring awareness to individuals for elements such as peace on the international levels.
Permalink:International Peace Studies Association (IPSA)

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA (IVCF/USA)

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Dr. Shin-Ping Tucker stucker5{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Cassidy Irwin cirwin1{atuws}
Purpose:This organization establishes and advances UW-Superior witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Survivor and Lord: growing in love for God, God's word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture, and God's purpose in the world.
Permalink:Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA (IVCF/USA)


Math and Computer Science Club (MCS Club)

Advisor:Dr. Jonathan Totushek jtotushe{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Jounglag Lim jlim1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Math and Computer Science Club mcsclub{atuws}
Purpose:MCS Club promotes the awareness, interest, and influence of math and computer science on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and in the community.
Permalink:Math and Computer Science Club (MCS Club)

Men's Club Baseball (Club Baseball)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Steven Thell sthell1{atuws}
Purpose:To provide students with the opportunity to competitively participate in a club sport against other intercollegiate individuals and teams, to enhance the student experience for those involved, and develop social, mental, and leadership skills.
Permalink:Men's Club Baseball (Club Baseball)

Men's Club Hockey (UWSCH)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Matthew Brenno jruedebu{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Men's Club Hockey clubhockey{atuws}
Purpose:This organization competes at a high level of hockey while getting an education. Hockey without NCAA commitment.
Permalink:Men's Club Hockey (UWSCH)

Mock Trial

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Maria Cuzzo mcuzzo{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Autumn Bass abass1{atuws}
Purpose:Mock Trial is an academic, forensic, competitive activity that teaches students how to analyze, organize, argue, and effectively present a case to the trial court for decision.
Permalink:Mock Trial


National Association for Music Educators (NAfME)

Advisor:Dr. Pamela Bustos pbustos{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Johnathan Erickshon jerick70{atuws}
Purpose:NAfME collegiate chapter's mission is to host programs and activities that contribute to the Twin Port's vital musical culture. This organization promotes a higher quality of teaching, professionalism, and scholarship in music.
Permalink:National Association for Music Educators (NAfME)

National Band Association Collegiate Chapter - University of Wisconsin Superior (NBA)

Advisor:Dr. Pamela Bustos pbustos{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Ashley Lenich alenich1{atuws}
Purpose:The National Band Association provides opportunities for university students to collaborate, network, and build relationships with professionals in the band movement.
Permalink:National Band Association Collegiate Chapter - University of Wisconsin Superior (NBA)

Native Nations Student Organization (NNSO)

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Samuel Maday smaday1{atuws}
Advisor:Cassie Brown cbrown60{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Alisha Rodriguez arodri10{atuws}
Purpose:This organization promotes cultural diversity on and off campus.
Permalink:Native Nations Student Organization (NNSO)


Percussive Arts Club (PAC)

Advisor:Dr. Brett Jones bjones5{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Johnathan Erickson jerick70{atuws}
Purpose:The Percussive Arts Guild promotes percussion education, research, performance, and appreciation in our community.
Permalink:Percussive Arts Club (PAC)

Political Science Association (PSA)

Categories:Academic, Political
Advisor:Dr. Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi kdokhanc{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Matthew McCoshen mmccosh1{atuws}
Purpose:This organization informs students on current events, helps out in the community, and discovers options for careers in Political Science.
Permalink:Political Science Association (PSA)

Pre-Health Club (PHC)

Categories:Academic, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Michael Waxman mwaxman{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Abigail Bowen abowen5{atuws}
Purpose:This organization's mission is to assist in preparing students who are interested in health related careers for graduate school and various professional tracks by helping provide volunteering, shadowing, and networking opportunities.
Permalink:Pre-Health Club (PHC)

Pre-Law Society (PLS)

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Maria Cuzzo mcuzzo{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Bella Gigliotti agiglio2{atuws}
Purpose:This student organization is dedicated to helping students find their fit in the legal community, foster teaching in the law, and aid in application to various legal careers.
Permalink:Pre-Law Society (PLS)

Psi Chi Honor Society (Psi Chi)

Categories:Professional, Recreational
Advisor:Dr. Eleni Pinnow epinnow{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Rebecca Hassebrock rhassebr{atuws}
Purpose:This international honor society encourages, stimulates, and maintains excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields—particularly psychology—and advances the science of psychology.
Permalink:Psi Chi Honor Society (Psi Chi)


Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Advisor:Michelle Foss mstrick1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Lan Le lle1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Residence Hall Association rha{atuws}
Purpose:This organization is run by students for students. They are here to build a better community for the residence halls.
Permalink:Residence Hall Association (RHA)


School of Business and Economics Event Planning Committee (SBE Event Planning Committee)

Advisor:Edith Wasyliszyn ewasyli2{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Augustine Ngo Bitjong angobitj{atuws}
Purpose:This organization focuses on getting students involved as well as teaching them valuable skills by organizing and planning events related to the School of Business and Economics.
Permalink:School of Business and Economics Event Planning Committee (SBE Event Planning Committee)

SGI-USA Buddhism (SGI-USA)

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Danielle Fagen dfagen{atuws}
Advisor:Kali Kelleher kkelleh2{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Sam Moscatelli smoscate{atuws}
Purpose:This organization advances the humanistic ideals of Soka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhism. By creating a force for peace on campus, student division members develop the skills and foundation of faith to become capable leaders in society.
Permalink:SGI-USA Buddhism (SGI-USA)

Social Work Student Association (SWSA)

Advisor:Dr. Lynn Goerdt lgoerdt{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Sameena Knopik sknopik{atuws}
Purpose:This organization advances knowledge and promotes interest in the profession of Social Work by providing an opportunity to develop a working relationship among others interested in the profession.
Permalink:Social Work Student Association (SWSA)

Stimulus Club (Stimulus)

Advisor:Dr. Praopan Pratoomchat ppratoom{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Obiageli Ekwanwa oekwunwa{atuws}
Purpose:This organization works to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all Yellowjackets by engaging students and the broader community in stimulating current economic issues and undergraduate research.
Permalink:Stimulus Club (Stimulus)

Street Level Ministries (SLM)

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Heather Kahler hkahler{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Michaela Moore mmoore19{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Street Level Ministries streetlevel{atuws}
Purpose:The point of everything that we do is to know Jesus, know each other, and share our faith with those around us.
Permalink:Street Level Ministries (SLM)

Students of Science (SOS)

Categories:Academic, Recreational
Advisor:Dr. Edward Burkett eburkett{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Uday Patel upatel{atuws}
Purpose:This organization pledges to expand horizons and reach out to the campus and community and provide science-related opportunities to enrich students in their education. They provide a relaxed atmosphere to students where they can pursue their science interests.
Permalink:Students of Science (SOS)

Superior Alliance of Gamers and Associates (SAGA)

Advisor:Dr. Eric Edwards eedward2{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brienna Lehrer blehrer{atuws}
Purpose:This club provides a place for students to come and relax should classes be too much for them, as well as find others who share similar interests in games and animation.
Permalink:Superior Alliance of Gamers and Associates (SAGA)

Sustainability Club (S.C.)

Categories:Social Activism
Advisor:Rachel Portinga rporting{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Katie Mayer kmayer7{atuws}
Purpose:This organization is dedicated to making the UWS campus more environmentally and socially sustainable by working and educating students, faculty, administrators, and community members.
Permalink:Sustainability Club (S.C.)


The Nemadji Review (TNR)

Categories:Academic, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Jayson Iwen jiwen{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Aaron Knickrehm aknickre{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:The Nemadji Review
Purpose:The official University Literary Journal who is responsible for organizing, editing, printing and sharing creative works of UWS students, the alumni, and community members.
Permalink:The Nemadji Review (TNR)

The Promethean

Advisor:Thomas Hansen thansen7{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Michael Michelizzi mmichel1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:The Promethean promethean{atuws}
Purpose:This organization serves University of Wisconsin-Superior in the capacity of Press, to cover all important news which pertains to the students of the University of Wisconsin-Superior, both of news which occur within the walls of the university and outside.
Permalink:The Promethean

Theatre Students of Superior (TSS)

Advisor:Cathy Fank cfank{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Jadie Schwarzkopf jschwa16{atuws}
Purpose:This organization provides resources and support to all students interested in theatre, and help build the skills and experience needed to thrive in the theatre world.
Permalink:Theatre Students of Superior (TSS)

Transportation and Logistics Club (T&L Club)

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Richard Stewart rstewart{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Marta Larson malrso64{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Transportation and Logistics Management Club trspclub{atuws}
Purpose:This organization's mission is to further enhance the learning opportunities of the student body, particularly in the quest of knowledge, in the field of transportation, logistics, and supply chain.
Permalink:Transportation and Logistics Club (T&L Club)


UW-Superior Marksman Club (SMC)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Todd Blomfelt tblomfe1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Tiffany Kirk tkirk{atuws}
Purpose:This organization provides students with the opportunity to competitively participate in a club sport against other intercollegiate individuals and teams, to enhance the student experience for those involved, and develop social, mental, and leadership skills.
Permalink:UW-Superior Marksman Club (SMC)

UWS Figure Skating Club (UWSFSC)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Laurel Eaton leaton{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brittany MacDonell bmacdon1{atuws}
Purpose:This organization helps new and old skaters practice their skills on the ice and provide the opportunity for skaters to grow and learn.
Permalink:UWS Figure Skating Club (UWSFSC)

UWS International Cooking Club (ICC)

Categories:Human Diversity, Recreational
Primary Student Contact:Jiratchaya Changtangtermpong jchangta{atuws}
Purpose:This organization promotes American and International cultures, focusing on food among the UWS society.
Permalink:UWS International Cooking Club (ICC)

UWS Soccer Club (UWS-SOCC)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Mr. Ephraim Kotey Nikoi enikoi{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Matthew Terry Botsio mbotsio{atuws}
Purpose:This organization provides students an opportunity to be involved in an organized soccer program and enjoy social interaction with peers of different cultures. Get to know students and faculty and their culture, all in the name of the beautiful game, soccer.
Permalink:UWS Soccer Club (UWS-SOCC)

UWS-Curling (UWS-C)

Advisor:Heather Rickerl hrickerl{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brian Weltzien
Purpose:This organization gives students the opportunity to try a new unique sport, challenge themselves, learn about leadership and teamwork, sportsmanship, and to have fun.
Permalink:UWS-Curling (UWS-C)


World Student Association (WSA)

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Salisa Hochstetler sbuntham{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Sudarshan Choudhury schoudhu{atuws}
Purpose:This organization consists of International and National students who have come together to have fun and learn more about each other's cultures.
Permalink:World Student Association (WSA)