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Student Organizations

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Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Eleni Pinnow epinnow@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Phill Wilken pwilken@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Through talking about ourselves and playing games, we create a safe and welcoming atmosphere that is bound to make anyone feel welcome.
Meeting Information:Meetings are Wednesdays at 3pm in the Gender Equity Resource Center, Swenson 1031

American Choral Directors Association

Advisor:Dr. Richard Robbins rrobins@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:ACDA; Ben Ellison uws.acda@gmail.com; belliso2@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To provide the following: educational experiences for all interested in choral music education, to represent the university at regional and national ACDA events and to share choral music with our campus and community.

Amnesty International

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi KDokhanc@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Amnesty International;Marcus White uwsamnestyinternational@uwsuper.edu; mwhite27@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We are a group of students dedicated to bringing awareness to local and global rights concerns to the UW-Superior community.

Art Club

Advisor:Gloria Eslinger geslinge@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Bailey Johnson bjohns53@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To spread the enjoyment and create friendships through the use of art.


Barbecue Club

Categories:Social Activism, Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Keith Douglas kdouglas@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Benjamin Damberg bdamberg@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of BBQ club is to provide a better experience to the students through BBQ! We cook for both student orgs, as well as campus groups.

Beta Nu Phi

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Brian Welsh bwelsh@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Melanie Olson molson91@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Beta Nu Phi is the honors society of the counseling graduate program. We promote excellence in the counseling profession by providing service to the community and professional development.

Black Student Union

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Ephraim Nikoi; Ivy Vainio enikoi@uwsuper.edu; yvainio@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Maryelle Nyeck mnyeckny@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Black Student Union is an organization that recognizes diversity and social issues from within our community. We focus on planning various events throughout the year to help bring those together who are also trying to achieve our mission.

Buzz Business Team

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Ethan Christensen echris22@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Laura Kastenbauer lnielse5@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:No matter your major. No matter your interests. The Buzz Business Team is all about your IMAGE. From tours, to workshops, to learning how to build your image. BBT is all about the YOU!
Meeting Information:Every other Tuesday starting September 8th at 11:30 am in YU 153


Campus Volunteer Group/Alternative Spring Break

Categories:Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Ben Mooney bmooney1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Emily Johnson ejohns71@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We strive to give back to the Twin Ports community through volunteering to work with Habitat for Humanity over Spring Break.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Categories:Academic, Social Activism, Human Diversity, Governing
Advisor:Shin-Ping Liu Tucker stucker5@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Siyu Fu sfu1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Chinese Students and Scholars Association is dedicated to communicate Chinese culture with other various cultures around the world and committed to promote social, cultural and intellectual activities for Chinese students and scholars at UWS.

Criminal Justice Honor Society

Categories:Academic, Human Diversity, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Mimi Larson mlarson@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Joe Collins jcolli17@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of this club is to offer hands on learning opportunity for those interested in the criminal justice field and potentially graduate school community service, a nation conference, and guest speakers.

Criminal Justice Student Association

Categories:Academic, Human Diversity, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Mimi Larson mlarson@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Joe Collins jcolli17@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of this club is to offer a hands on learning opportunity for those interested in the criminal justice field through guest speakers: community service, and regional/nation conferences.


Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Heather Kahler hkahler@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Lucas Scherer lschere1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Turning students & faculty into Christ-centered laborers by building Lighthouse movements across campus--making the name of Jesus greater across the Greater Twin Ports and around the world so that everyone knows someone who is truly following Christ!


DBE Event Planning Committee

Advisor:Kay Biga kbiga@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Rachel Pritchard rpritch2@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The DBE Event Planning Committee organizes 3 - 4 events per year, including the annual banquet. Helps to involve business students and teach them valuable skills.


English Club

Categories:Academic, Human Diversity, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Hilary Fezzey hfezzey@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:English Club; Kourtney Sande englishclub@uwsuper.edu; ksande2@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To ensure that all students apart of UWS can be a apart of not only an academic club, but one that is social and can help students gain insight through their love of literature, movies, and volunteering.


Financial Management Association

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Edith Wasyliszyn ewasyli2@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Taylor Bergmann tbergma2@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The FMA at UWS is the only nationally recognized organization with an honor society for its members. We strive to enrich the learning experience through working in a team building environment.

French Club

Advisor:Virginia R. Donovan vdonovan@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Nicole Alaspa nalaspa@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To support, uphold and promote the French language and all things French or Francophone.

Future Teachers Association

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Taylor Walkky twalkky@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Emily Graff egraff@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:FTA is an organization open to anyone interested in education. We strive follow our three pillars of FTA: professionalism, volunteerism, and social activism.


Got Kids

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Monte Stewart mstewar9@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Lindsey Dobson ldobson@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Our purpose is to give students who are parents much needed support and a social outlet in the UW-Superior community that is family friendly.


Healthy Happy People Club

Advisor:Glenn Carlson gcarlson@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Kari Shipman kshipman@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To assist with the counseling and guidance of incoming students so they may better understand the functions and requirements of the Department of Health and Human Performance. Encourage professional development for all members.

Hispanic Organization Latino Americana

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Gabriela Theis gtheis@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Ana I. Reyes Lam areyesla@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To educate the University of Wisconsin – Superior campus and the Twin Ports community about the diversity within and the issues facing Latin@/Hispanic culture, thereby facilitating intercultural dialogue.



Categories:Academic, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Eleni Pinnow epinnow@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Colby Truman ctruman@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:A psychology group open to any student with an interest in psychology. We promote psychology as a science by bringing awareness to the many subfields and their implications while giving back to the community.

International Peace Studies Association

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Political
Advisor:Haji Dokhanchi kdokhanc@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Abdullahi Ali aali18@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Interacting both on and off campus we try and bring awareness to individuals for elements such as peace on the international level.


Korean Christian Fellowship

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Shin-Ping Tucker stucker5@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Hyunjung An han1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To encourage the belief in God and to share about Jesus.


Math & Computer Science Club

Advisor:Steve Rosenberg srosenbe@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Zach Reiswig zreiswig@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Promoting Math and Computer Science within the campus and the community.

Men's Club Baseball

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Shaun Marshall smarsha2@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Peter Atiemo patiemo@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of club baseball is to promote the university experience while allowing the student boy to participate in the game of baseball. Another purpose of the club is to network with other universities to promote UW-Superior and it values.

Men's Club Hockey Team

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Krisi Patterson kpatter1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Justin Bye jbye@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Competitive hockey without the demanding priorities of the NCAA. Have an opportunity to win a national Championship.

Mock Trial

Categories:Academic, Professional, Recreational
Advisor:Dr. Maria Cuzzo mcuzzo@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Brandon Engblom bengblo1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Mock Trial is an academic, forensic, competitive activity that teaches students how to analyze, organize, argue, and effectively present a case to the trial court for decision.


National Association for Music Education, Chapter 37

Advisor:Pamela Bustos pbustos@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Byron Klimek bklimek@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Conduct programs and activities to build a vital musical culture for the benefit and the general welfare of all persons. Improve the quality of teaching, research, and scholarship in music.

National Band Association Collegiate Chapter - University of Wisconsin Superior

Advisor:Bowen Bustos pbustos@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Amanda Seefeldt aseefeld@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To conduct programs and activities to build a vital musical culture for the benefit and the general welfare of all persons.

National Society of Leadership and Success

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Kim Kelly kkelly@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Jonathon Eichman jeichman@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The National Society of Leadership and Success achieves profound results in helping students discover and attain their goals, offering life changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where students help one another succeed.

Native Nations Student Organization

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity
Advisor:Gary Johnson gjohnson@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Genna Christian gpicard@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Native American cultural awreness

Nemadji Review

Advisor:Jayson Iwen jiwen@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:The Nemadji Review; Rebekah Kromm thenemadjireview@uwsuper.edu; rkromm@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Members of of the club will work to gather academic and creative writing from UWS students. By the end of the school year, the editorial staff (club members) will organize and publish the year's copy of "The Nemadji Review".

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Brett Jones bjones5@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Briana Godin bgodin@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Newman Catholic Campus ministry is a place for fellowship among Catholic University students.


Political Science Association

Categories:Social Activism, Political, Professional, Recreational
Advisor:Alisa Von Hagel avonhage@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Jacob Farmer jfarmer5@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Political Science Association aims to get students involved in politics and raise awareness about the ways in which government affects their lives.

Pre-Health Club

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Michelle Arnhold, Dr. Waxman marnhold@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Victoria boss vboss@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Pre-Health Club is a group of UWS students, all pursuing entrance into post-graduate education programs in the medical field. We strive to provide opportunities to propel students toward their goals of working in healthcare.

Pre-Law Society

Categories:Academic, Social Activism, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Maria Stalzer, Wyant Cuzzo mcuzzo@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Kourtney Klassa, Randy Bender rbender2@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Pre-law Society is a student organization dedicated to helping students find their fit in the legal community and aiding in applying to the law school of their choice.


Categories:Academic, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Eleni Pinnow epinnow@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Erika Lemay elemay1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:A psychology organization open to all students. We focus on psychological research and furthering education in the variety of sub-fields, with the goal of promoting psychology as a science while expanding our knowledge and giving back to the community.


Residence Hall Association

Advisor:Emily Borra eborra@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Codi Gleesing CGLEESIN@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Residence Hall Association provides social interaction, community opportunities, and an open forum for those who live in the Residence Halls.


Shooting Sports Association

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Chad Danielson cdaniels@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Zach Bauer; Maria Ammer zbauer@uwsuper.edu; mammer@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To promote safe shooting through competitive rifle competitions and to provide the academic instruction, physical training, and mental conditioning needed to participate in these competitions.

Sigma Tau Delta

Categories:Academic, Greek Chapters
Advisor:Hilary Fezzey hfezzey@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Xuan Chen xchen4@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Alpha Tau Alpha chapter of the International English Honor Society will provide cultural stimulation and promote interest in literature, language, and writing.

Soccer Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Monte Stewart mstewar9@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Diego Dambe ddambe@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To provide students with an opportunity to be involved in an organized soccer program and still enjoy social interaction with peers of differing cultures.

Social Work Student Organization

Categories:Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Lynn Goerdt lgoerdt@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Katie Wilke kwilke7@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of the Social Work Student Association is to increase awareness of the social work profession on campus. SWSA looks to impact the local community and campus through the service of students.

Sociology-Anthropology Club

Advisor:Meg Krausch mkrausch@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Kaylie Knase kknase3@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The mission of the Sociology-Anthropology club is to extend the learning experience outside of the classroom and engage in activities, school events, and readings that implement the skills learned in the Sociology and Anthropology programs.


Categories:Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Julie Gard jgard1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Vanessa Smith vsmith7@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Sojourners is a student organization for those who have studied away or wish to do so, and also for students who have a passion for travel.

Stimulus Club

Categories:Academic, Social Activism, Professional
Advisor:Zamira Simkins zsimkins@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Donald Simmons dsimmons@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Engage students and broader community in stimulating current economic issues and undergraduate research.


Categories:Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Susan Stanich sstanich@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Felicity Bosk fbosk@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To serve the University in the capacity of the Press, to cover all important news which pertains to the students of the University of Wisconsin-Superior, both of news which occurs within the walls of the University and outside.

Street Level Ministries

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Heather Kahler hkahler@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Jesse Moss jmoss3@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The point of everything that we do is to know Jesus, know each other, and share our faith with those around us.

Students of Science

Advisor:Andrew Breckenridge abrecken@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:William Zimmer wzimmer@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We pledge to expand horizons and reach out to the campus and community and provide science-related opportunities to enrich students in their education. We provide a relaxed atmosphere to students where they can pursue their science interests.

Superior Alliance of Gamers and Associates (SAGA)

Advisor:Eric Edwards eedward2@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Martin Cardenas Jr. mcardena@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We aim to unite people through game activities. Also bring a friendly and relaxing environment on campus.


Tennis Club

Categories:Club Sports, Recreational
Advisor:Krisi Patterson kpatter1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Zach Reiswig zreiswig@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:A group of students who are interested in/enjoy playing tennis

Transportation and Logistics Club

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. Richard Stewart rstewart@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Erica Hansen ehansen3@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To support the important connection between the students and the transportation and logistics industry.

Trap Shooting Club

Categories:Club Sports, Recreational
Advisor:Chad Danielson cdaniels@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Tim Thein tthein@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:This organization's primary objective is to engage in non-competitive trap shooting activities in a safe and structured environment.

Triathlon Club

Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Caleb Hjelle chjelle@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To bring athletes together to train and compete in collegiate triathlon meets.



Categories:Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Nathan Field nfield1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Alison Wainionpaa awainion@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The UWS Venturing Crew participates in a wide variety of fun activities based on members' interests, with a focus on high-adventure outdoor activities and community service.

Veterans and Friends

Categories:Social Activism, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Joseph Kmiech III jkmiech@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Richard Mienke, Kyle Balko rmienke1@uwsuper.edu, kbalko@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To promote campus and community awareness of Veterans and Veteran issues. To provide resources and education concerning Veterans to the campus and community. To increase support and respect to diversity and multiple voices at UWS.


Womens Club Volleyball

Advisor:Krisi Patterson kpatter1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Volleyball Club; Melissa Huempfner vballclub@uwsuper.edu; mhuempfn@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We are a competitive volleyball team that plays in the badger region conference traveling to other UW schools to participate in tournaments.

World Student Association

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Carol Knoble cknoble@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Abdisa Dawano adawano@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To promote global diversity and inclusion on campus and host events with this purpose.


Young Americans for Liberty

Categories:Social Activism, Political
Advisor:Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi kdokhanc@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Candace Engblom cengblom@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Our goal is to educate the campus on their natural rights through activism and build a stronger liberty movement in the Twin Ports area.
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