Student Organization Recognition

Student Organization Recognition

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Student Organization Recognition

All student organizations must complete the annual recognition process by the fall recognition deadline to remain active. Late paperwork and/or missing components may result in a budget reduction.

Recognition Deadline: Friday, September 25, 2015 at 4:30 pm

New Student Organizations

New student organizations may submit an application at anytime, but must meet the fall deadline to apply for SUF funds.

Creating a New Student Organization packet.

If you have any questions about the student organization application process, please feel free to contact the Assistant Director of Student Involvement, Allison Garver.

Minimum Requirements for Recognition:

Organizations must adhere to the following minimum requirements throughout the entire academic year in order to exist as a recognized student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. These requirements are set and governed by the UW System in accordance with Financial Paper 50, UW-Superior Student Involvement, & UW-Superior Student Government Association.

  1. Be student operated and directed.
  2. Have a mission statement that compliments the mission of the University, and adhere to that mission statement during activities and events.
  3. Not duplicate the service or purpose of another student organization.
  4. Consist of at least five currently enrolled fee-paying UW-Superior student members at all times (enrolled for a minimum of one semester hour of credit), unless granted a written exemption by the Internal External Affairs Council and the Chancellor.
  • If approved for an exemption, no more than twenty-five (25%) percent of the membership can be non-student.
  • SUF funds will only be used for fee-paying UW-Superior students.
  1. Maintain an updated Constitution and a set of Bylaws.
  2. Obtain a faculty or staff advisor, employed by UW-Superior.
  3. Require that all leadership positions in the organization be held by students enrolled on a fee-paying basis for at least half-time; as used in this policy, "half-time" status means enrollment for a minimum of six credits as an undergraduate student, and enrollment for a minimum of four credits as a graduate student. 
  4. Be organized on a not-for-profit basis, as demonstrated by evidence that the organization uses any income or profit for organizational purposes, not for any individual or commercial gain. 
  5. Extend membership and all membership privileges, including voting and eligibility to hold office, to all students without regard to age, ethnicity, gender (except as otherwise permitted by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972), disability, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status, except those student organizations that select their members on the basis of commitment to a set of beliefs (e.g. religious or political beliefs) may limit membership and leadership positions in the organization to students who affirm that they support the organization's goals and agree with its beliefs. 
  6. As a group, meet at least once a month during the academic year or during the competitive season, for those groups that compete. 
  7. Attend the Student Organization Summit at the beginning of the academic year. New organizations past the fall deadline must make alternate arrangements for training. 
  8. Meet all required deadlines and keep up-to-date contact information on record with Student Involvement. 
  9. Comply with UW-Superior policies and procedures and the Student Code of Conduct.

Sports Clubs may have additional requirements to address risk management policies.

By submitting a recognition application, the organization and its members are accepting the above terms and conditions.

The Internal/External Affairs Committee and the Student Government Association reserve the right to make final determination, consistent with university policy and Wisconsin law, on all requests for recognition.