Recruitment and Retention

New members are vital to an organization, but planning ahead will ensure your success in both recruiting those members and keeping them active.

Why Recruit New Members?

Think about why people would want to join your organization.

Develop a Recruitment Plan. It is essential to make your efforts effective.

A great way to let prospective members learn about your organization is to showcase your organization by participating in the Fall 'Jacket Fest or by reserving a contact table in the Yellowjacket Union Shippar Atrium. Utilize tips and tricks to help make students aware of your organization.

Hold a 4-1-1 (informational) meeting to let prospective members get a feel for your organization before fully committing.

Consider working with University Marketing and Communications to get creative promotion ideas and to develop a visual image and tagline that will help brand your organization.

Once you have had a successful recruitment period, it is important to keep your members active. Learn about the GRAPE Theory of Retention.

Finally, utilize staff in Student Involvement for ideas ranging from teambuilding to skills training.