You can't afford not to go!

Students who have had a study abroad experience often describe it as the best semester of their undergraduate years. If you, too, are yearning for a study abroad experience but wonder how in the world you're going to pay for it, take heart! First, consider study abroad as an investment in your future. Like any other type of investment, it requires planning, careful management, creativity, perseverance and commitment. How can you pay for it? Start by planning far in advance (a year is suggested). By planning and selecting certain programs, you may find that the cost of study abroad is far less than you imagined.

Your study abroad budget will be evaluated by the Financial Aid Office. In nearly all cases, your current financial aid will transfer. Some students find they are eligible for additional funding. Your aid package may consist of grants, loans, and scholarships. If you are planning to attend a non-UW-Superior overseas study program, remember that your financial aid will only be applied if another UW System institution sponsors this program.

Apply for a Financial Aid Revision for your program away.

Wisconsin residents with financial aid may also be eligible for the Wisconsin study abroad grant of up to $1,000 to help fund their experience. Since this is a limited pool of money available to our campus, it's important to apply early!

You may also want to consider applying for a scholarship! The tabs above are by no means all-inclusive listing but include information about the major federal scholarship programs, several country-specific scholarships, and opportunities for under-represented students (minorities, students with disabilities, and non-traditional students).