Returning Student Stories

UW-Superior offers many opportunities for you to take classes in another country while earning course credits toward your degree at UW-Superior. Some students also conduct research or hold internships during their study abroad experience. Taking part in a study abroad program is an important and fun way to learn about other people and to gain a better understanding of our world.

Read stories and blogs from fellow students who have studied in the following programs:

Wisconsin in Scotland
Experience Scotland through our membership in the Wisconsin in Scotland program. You'll live and study in a palace built in 1702 just outside Edinburgh. Both semester and 3 week summer modules are available. Subjects include British history and culture along with a selection of other general education and professional courses. Internships while away in Scotland are also available.

UW-Superior offers a German Study Abroad course for credit. Students gain first-hand experience with German language, literature and culture during a semester at Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Germany or in summer, winter, semester or academic year programs at any of the institutions in the Wisconsin-Hessen Exchange Program.

Students spend a semester studying at The Abbey in Pontlevoy. The Abbey offers formal classes, internships, service learning projects, field work all over France and host family experiences. Classes are taught in English, so students can experience France without knowing the French language. 

Costa Rica
Opportunities are available to earn course credits while studying in Costa Rica.  Many students have completed internships there in biology, communicating arts, political science and social work.

South Korea
Students live in the Global Village at Yonsei University in Wonju. Courses are taught in English but still focus on Korean language and culture as well as a wide range of subjects in mathematics, political science, business and computing.

Other Opportunities
UW-Superior is continually seeking ways in which students can learn by studying in other countries.