Stories from Around the World

Study language and culture in China, learn about the aftermath of war in Bosnia, immerse yourself in everyday life in Costa Rica -- all those adventures and many more await when you take part in the study abroad program at UW-Superior. Scroll down to read what students say and see their photos.


"My trip to Bosnia was a life-changing experience. I am so thankful I studied abroad there. I learned so much about their culture and how beautiful it is!" -- Ashley Bennett (Shown above in Bosnia)



"Studying abroad has changed my life in every aspect. It has given me more self confidence, respect and pride." -- April Seys (Shown above with a friend while studying in Australia)



"I was initially turned on to studying abroad from a class I took on East Asia and by the professor, Dr. David Obermiller, who taught it. I never really had a great plan for what I would do after graduation, but going to China showed me how many other options were out there that I never knew about. Now I am continuing to study the Chinese language and plan on returning there to teach English and eventually find a job in my current field of study, chemistry. During our time abroad we took classes that introduced us to the history, culture, art, and language of the country. Outside of classes, we ventured out into the world and met new people, discovered new places, and generally had an great time with each other.

What helped me make my decision to travel abroad was the support I received from family, friends, and instructors, who basically told me that the experience would be worth every cent of the program cost (and they were right). And with the help I received from the study abroad coordinator, I applied for and was awarded a scholarship that drastically reduced the total cost. I never knew how much aid was available or that just about anyone can get it.

Studying abroad has changed the way I view the world. I seriously recommend that others at least consider trying it; expanding your horizons and having new experiences is what a liberal arts education is all about." -- Tyler Weil (Shown above on China's Great Wall)



"I couldn't imagine being the person I am now without the experiences I had while studying abroad. I loved the cultures, the people, the traveling, the freedom; I loved it so much that I had to go twice!" -- Sheri Niemeyer (Shown above with friends following a cultural performance in China)



"Not only have I made new friends, but this experience opened my eyes to the different cultures around the world. The classes fit perfectly into my major and minor (English with a History minor), and I also got some of my general education courses completed. This is not only an amazing experience cross-culturally but it is also great to get to know people throughout the UW system!" -- Nicole Tungren (Shown above visiting the Coliseum in Rome)