Summer College Testimonials

Summer College Testimonials

Why do students take summer courses at UW-Superior?Summer College students studying

"Many students do not live in the area, or work commitments prohibit enrolling in face-to-face classes, during the summer. For that reason, general education courses such as GEOG 100 and 102 online provide the flexibility to meet student needs."  - Dr. Randy Gabrys-Alexson, Professor, Geography

"I enjoy the fast-paced atmosphere of Summer College. It allows you to get through classes fast while still learning all the information. I also found it very beneficial being able to take a class to catch up on my education path while not taking much time out of my summer break." - Nick Fratzke, Business - Marketing major

"I like that Summer College is short-term. In class, you focus on the major points, and you have more time to study during the summer." Also, campus during the summer is quiet, and it is easy to contact and connect with professors because there are fewer students. - Su Kyung (Suzie) Chung, Business Administration major

"[Summer College] would help me finish my degree faster, thus cutting my expenses and allowing me to get out into the real, working world that much quicker." - Mandee Akason, Business Administration - Marketing and International Business major

"I would take summer courses because it would allow me to graduate sooner." - Alyssa Nelson, Business Management major


Stay in the Twin Ports area this summer!

"I like the atmosphere. Everyone is happy. I spend a lot of time in Canal Park and at Park Point as well as running and rollerblading in the summer." - Kala Pederson, Business Management majorBikes Outside YU3_WEB

"I like Wisconsin Point, and the many places to camp, fish, and be outdoors." - Dale St. Arnold, Business - Marketing major

"Campus is beautiful, quiet and overall serene during the summer." - Mandee Akason, Business Administration - Marketing and International Business major

"It is a change of scenery instead of going back home to the same-old, same-old." - Jared Besser, Business - Marketing major