Why UW-Superior

Why UW-Superior

Lighten Your Fall or Spring Semester Schedule
Give yourself the opportunity for an easier work schedule or time for an internship during the spring or fall.  You could even plan an internship for the summer.

Get Ahead in Your Studies
Be able to get to advanced courses sooner and fulfill your degree requirements quicker, giving you the opportunity to graduate early.

Pay Lower Tuition Rates
Summer college on-campus tuition rates are lower than fall and spring semester tuition rates.  In addition, UW-Superior students who lived in the residence halls during the spring or will in the fall pay a reduced housing rate.

Easily Connect with Professors and Peers
Fewer students take summer courses, allowing you to build better relationships with peers and professors.  Enjoy a relaxed campus atmosphere that gives you the feeling of summer break while still in class.

Get Your GPA Back on Track
Summer session is a great time to focus on your studies and get back on track if you have struggled throughout the year.  

Enjoy the Warm Summer Months of Superior
Summer in Superior means bright sun, warm weather and miles of sandy beach at Wisconsin Point.  Most courses last only three to four weeks, meaning you still get a summer vacation.