Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Who are we?

Student Support Services is a federally funded program designed to serve students who are qualified according to federal income guidelines, who are first generation college students (neither parent has a baccalaureate degree), or who have a disability.

What is Our Mission?

The goal of Student Support Services is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants and facilitate the process of transition from one level of higher education to the next. This program provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students to successfully complete their postsecondary education.

How can we help you?

To help ensure your success in college, we'd like to help you "jump college hurdles" -- whether in math, English, or other areas -- with full access to competent, compassionate instruction; skilled, efficient tutoring services; and down-to-earth, student-to-student advice from people who have overcome first-year barriers with lasting results.

 In short, we invite you to start strong and stay sane throughout many Superior semesters to come. We'll be here through your senior year to witness your good work and to help in any way we can.

SSS Application

Please complete and email to Mary Sorensen or return in person at Swenson 1024.

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