BRIDGE program

BRIDGE program


Are You Ready?

If you are thinking about attending UW-Superior but feel you could use some extra help, you will benefit from the BRIDGE program.

The BRIDGE program on the UW-Superior campus is scheduled for the fall and spring semesters. In UW-Superior's BRIDGE program, each student takes a full-time load (12-14 credits) with relevant courses that meet university requirements, but with all the support necessary to insure a strong first semester. In this program you will have the advantage of a supportive learning community that includes structured academic support services individualized to meet your needs. Just as any other student on campus, you will be able to take advantage of the full array of programs and services offered by UW-Superior. Unlike other students, you will be required by the BRIDGE program to take our Collegiate Study Skills course and attend regularly-scheduled peer advisement appointments, study sessions, and seminars that support courses being taught.

General Education Course Work

BRIDGE program participants will register for 12-15 university credits from a group of courses specially selected for participants. These credits, along with the developmental course work, will bring all participants up to full-time student status.

Your first UW-Superior semester will normally include the following courses. Courses may vary depending on availability.

  • IDS 095 Collegiate Study Skills and LAB (This class is required for all BRIDGE students)
  • MATH 090 Fundamentals of Math, Math 095 Fundamentals of Algebra, or higher level class (Based upon the results of the UW Math Placement Test)
  • WRIT 101 or 102 Freshman English I or II (Based upon results of ACT English score or UWBC English coursework)
  • HHP 102 Health & Wellness Class and Lab 

Study Skills Components

Our study skills course has been developed to help the student to read and understand college-level texts; to write coherent, relevant notes; to prioritize academic needs; and to take tests in an efficient, productive manner.

Math Components

Success in arithmetic, elementary algebra, and problem solving are addressed through this important area. Math is often a stumbling block for entering freshmen. Courses such as MATH 090, Fundamentals of Math, are designed to calm fears for "math phobics" and challenge those who may understand introductory concepts but want a refresher in the basics of algebra.

The Math Specialist also supervises a tutoring program designed to offer day and evening assistance to students in most levels of college math.

Coping with College

The BRIDGE Program and committed staff will get your college career off to a good start. You will quickly become acquainted with university staff, fellow students, and academic studies in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Through concentrated study, including course work and study skills development, you will acquire a confidence in your own academic skills. Classes are small, which allows participants to become acquainted with fellow students and instructors.

Orientation to campus services, such as financial aid, tutor labs, and advisement, help to ease the fears sometimes experienced by new students.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available - Apply early!

Contact the UW-Superior Financial Aid office in the Old Main 110, or call 394-8200.

Some Additional Benefits

  • a second chance at a university education
  • a full semester of concentrated and focused study skills development
  • structured and staffed mandatory study groups
  • motivated and focused new friends
  • the development of a Student Services network
  • credits toward graduation at UW-Superior
  • if on academic probation, you will be taken off probation upon successful completion of the Bridge Program and encouraged to continue your education goals at UW-Superior