Bridge Program

The Bridge Program at UW-Superior


The Bridge program at UW-Superior serves students who would benefit from additional academic support during their first year of enrollment. The program provides additional structure and resources to participating students in order to facilitate or “bridge” their successful transition to the college academic environment. 


The Bridge program at UW-Superior is offered each semester, with a primary focus on the fall semester. Participating students, as determined by the Admissions Department, enroll in a full-time course load (12-15 credits) with relevant courses that meet university requirements, but with additional resources to support their academic success. In this program, students have the advantage of a supportive learning community that includes structured academic support services. All Bridge students are required to enroll in IDS 095: Collegiate Study Skills and to attend study sessions that support their coursework their first semester. Depending on your first semester outcome you may graduate from the Bridge program or you may be required to take additional support classes. Those details are outlined below.

As an integral part of the Bridge program, students starting in the fall are required to attend Superior Jumpstart, a free, multi-day program that lets students move in early, explore the campus, and meet other students in a smaller environment.

General Education Course Work

During their first semester, Bridge program participants will take IDS 095: Collegiate Study Skills and another three to four classes that fulfill university studies requirements or count toward their major, for a total of 12-15 credits.

Students must pass IDS 095 with a grade of “C” or better and have a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher to graduate from the Bridge program.  A grade below a “C” or a cumulative GPA under a 2.0 will require participants to retake the course the following spring or fall semester. If a student receives a “C” or better but receives between a 2.0 and 2.4 cumulative GPA at the end of their first semester they will be required to take IDS 096 Collegiate Study Skills 2.0. This is a 1-credit course that will provide additional support in your second semester at UW-Superior.

Math Support

Success in arithmetic, elementary algebra, and problem solving are addressed through this important area. Math is often a stumbling block for entering freshmen. Courses such as MATH 090: Fundamentals of Math, are designed to calm fears for "math-phobics" and challenge those who may understand introductory concepts but want a refresher in the basics of algebra.

Contact Information

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