Educational Services

Educational Services

Collegiate Study Skills

Study skills assistance is most readily available through enrollment in IDS 095 - Collegiate Study Skills. By working as a class team each semester, IDS 095 participants become more aware of study habits and communications strategies that can make them successful in college...and in life.

We provide students with a structure through which they can tap into their own insight--with the help of classmates and the instructor--on areas such as:

  • Career and Life Planning
  • Understanding college texts
  • Communicating with class
  • Studying for larger college exams; coping with test anxiety
  • Comprehensive note taking
  • Networking with campus resources
  • Managing time well
  • Appreciating the diversity of a campus community

One important part of the class involves weekly meetings with an Academic Support Center peer mentor. This successful UW-Superior sophomore, junior, or senior can provide sound tutorial assistance and straightforward student-to-student support.

Counseling: Personal & Career

Student Support Services (SSS) offers emotional and career counseling for all qualified participants. Students encounter many unique problems enroute to their degree. Many SSS students encounter problems specific to their back ground or situation. The SSS counselor has experience in working students through their complex problems. See any SSS staff member for more information.

Cross-Curriculum Tutoring

Our goal is to work with University composition instructors to ensure our students receive all the assistance necessary to meet the demands of college courses. Support is provided as follows:

  • Individual and Group Tutoring
    • Cross-Curriculum tutoring is available in the Academic Support Center in Swenson Hall 1025. This lab strives to provide all students with access to free, friendly peer assistance with class assignments.
    • The lab is staffed by professionally-trained university students who have demonstrated proficiency across the curriculum and a strong desire to help other students. Tutors provide general peer support as well as one-on-one and small-group instruction.
  • We Can Help You
    • Understand assignments
    • Focus topics
    • Organize ideas
    • Learn methods to develop ideas
    • Review course projects
    • Learn to use the word processor more effectively to revise papers
    • Master grammar and punctuation
    • Use APA and MLA documentation styles appropriately

The goal of the mathematics component of the Student Support Services Program is to help students acquire the basic algebra skills they need for the university's required mathematics courses.

  • Classroom instruction-Math 090
    Students develop basic mathematics and problem solving skills that prepare them for higher level mathematics.
  • Math Tutoring Lab - Swenson Hall 1024
    Peer tutors help individual students with courses at all levels of math.
  • Small group tutoring
    Students can study as a group in the Math Lab with the help of a tutor.


Tutors provide one-on-one and group tutoring in math, study skills strategies, and miscellaneous other content areas.

  • Math
  • Study Skills
  • All Course Content Areas
  • Content Area Paper Review
  • Workshops
  • Assistance with Campus Computer Software
  • Peer Career & Course Advising

Tutor training is provided to all tutors who work for Student Support Services. The SSS staff offers tutor training which focuses on educational roadblocks experienced by students with disabilities. To find out more about becoming a tutor, please come to the Math Lab in Swenson Hall 1024 or the Academic Support Center in Swenson Hall 1025.