Superior Jumpstart

**Superior Jumpstart Registration for Fall 2021 has now closed**

Superior Jumpstart

What is Superior Jumpstart?

Superior Jumpstart is an early move-in, transition to college program for students who would benefit from extra support. At zero cost to you, you can move in early, engage in all-day and evening programming to learn how to be successful on campus….and get a jumpstart on being an amazing Yellowjacket! 


Superior Jumpstart move-in will begin for all students on September 2, 2021.  If you are part of Math FastTrack you will move in on August 31, 2021. A registration link is located on the righthand side of this page.  Please contact with questions specific to Math FastTrack or Jumpstart.  Please watch your UWS email for outreach from your individual programs, Bridge, Rise, Office of Intercultural Student Success, and TRIO SSS, as they will be contacting you soon. Please reach out to your program's office with any questions.


  • Move into residence halls early for free (for on-campus students)
  • Meet other students & staff in a smaller environment
  • Learn important skills to be successful in college
  • Get to know the layout of the UW-Superior campus
  • All meals are free!

Who can be a part of this?

Bridge, TRIO Student Support Services, new International students, RISE students, and Math FastTrack students are eligible! 


The entire program is FREE!

Math FastTrack

Math FastTrack is an online math program offered during the summer prior to your first year at UW-Superior for students who want to try to change their math placement. The goal of the Math FastTrack Program is to enhance your math skills through a four-week online summer course. After completing the four-week online course, you will move onto campus and participate in 2-days of in-person instruction. Once you complete the in-person instruction you will retake the Math Placement exam to determine if you can move up to the next level of math offered at UW-Superior. Only the first 60 students will be admitted into the program, which begins with the online course starting at the beginning of August. This program is FREE! In-person start date is August 31st, with online coursework beginning August 2nd.

There are several benefits to enrolling in the summer August Math Fast Track: Potential tuition savings of 2-5 credits ($1000-$2000) Increased success in college level math Fast completion of your required math courses Individual learning opportunities with your instructor

There are several benefits to enrolling in the summer July/August Math Fast Track:

  • Potential tuition savings of 2-5 credits ($1000-$2000)
  • Increased success in college level math
  • Fast completion of your required math courses
  • Individual learning opportunities with your instructor

TRIO Student Support Services

The goal of Student Support Services is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants and facilitate the process of transition from one level of higher education to the next. SSS provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students to successfully complete their postsecondary education.

New TRIO Student Support Services students will participate in Superior Jumpstart, meet with their SSS mentor (a junior or senior SSS student), connect with the SSS professional staff, and meet other SSS students while gaining important skills before the other first year students move onto campus.

This program is free to all registered TRIO Student Support Services students.

Bridge Program

The Bridge program at UW-Superior serves students who would benefit from additional academic support during their first year of enrollment at UW-Superior. The program provides additional structure and resources to participating students in order to facilitate or “bridge” their successful transition to the college academic environment.

Bridge program students are required to participate in Superior Jumpstart each fall as a way to meet new students, connect with your program manager and academic advisors, and get acclimated to campus.

This program is free to all Bridge program participants.

RISE Community Circles Participant

RISE Community Circles is a cohort program that aims to provide a support network for students during their transition into and through the first two years of their college careers. RISE provides opportunities focused on academic success and tools, social events and gatherings, cultural experiences and learning/sharing opportunities, identity exploration and support, leadership development, personal wellness, and on- and off-campus networking.  This is done through small group and one-to-one peer guidance, support, and leadership from success coaches as well as professional staff from the Department of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – all joined by a wide variety of campus partners and student success advocates.

This program is free to all RISE participants.