Program for Student Success

Program for Student Success

Program Mission

The mission of the ASSIST/Early Warning Program is to provide special assistance and guidance to any student who has been identified by faculty or staff to be experiencing some sort of difficulty.The ASSIST/Early Warning Program Coordinator provides students with early guidance that either refers them to the correct office or helps them work through their problem. The coordinator encourages students to feel comfortable talking through their problem to a conclusion.

Instructors and Advisors can click on this symbol in their PeopleSoft Faculty Center rosters or Advisor Center rosters to alert the ASSIST Program about students with whom they have concerns.


Areas of ASSIST/Early Warning Program Assistance

  • On-going tracking of participating student success rates
  • Common problems addressed are:
    • Stress management
    • Time management
    • Life balance
    • Homework management
    • Finances/budget
    • Job/time management
    • Self-esteem and confidence development
    • Absenteeism
    • Tardiness
    • How to effectively read a text
    • Timely and quality assignment completion
    • Test taking strategies
    • Role play approaching faculty
    • Many others

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