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UW Placement Testing

Summer 2015 Test Dates

UW Regional Placement Testing
is for new freshman entering a UW school in Fall 2015.

Students are strongly encouraged to register for and take the Placement Tests as earlyas possible to ensure a seat for the desired date. The later in the spring that students take the exams may delay students from enrolling in classes at their campus.


Information for new UW-Superior students:


Placement Testing Letter


Regional Placement Testing Information

To register for UW Regional Placement testing, go to


UW-Superior offers testing for all UW students, regardless of what campus they plan to attend. UW-Superior will offer testing on March 29, April 12, May 10, May 31, and July 12.



Testing for Current UW-Superior Students

Please contact Lon Bagley at 715-394-8087, Swenson Hall 1025, to schedule an INDIVIDUAL EXAM anytime during the semester. 

There are no other GROUP exams scheduled.

Placement Testing General Information

Placement Test Retakes: An $20 fee is charged for each test retake. The fee should be paid at the Academic Support Center, Swenson Hall, Room 1025, prior to taking the test.

Results of Placement tests: Students should go into their Student Center on their E-hive account, and go to their Unofficial Transcript.  Placement information is located at the bottom of that report.  Detailed Instructions

Math Placement Testing: UW-Superior requires all students to take the Math Placement Test. Scheduling for this test is in Swenson Hall 1025, or at 715-394-8087.

English Placement Test: Students are placed into English courses based on their ACT English composite score, and are not required to take the English Placement Test if enrolling on this campus. Scheduling for this test is in Swenson Hall 1025  or at 715-394-8087.

Foreign Language Placement Test (French, German, Spanish): Required for all students who have taken a language in high school, prior to registering for any language at UW-Superior.  Foreign language is required for students seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree as well as for students in some academic programs.  Scheduling for this test is in Swenson Hall 1025 or at 715-394-8087.


Have questions?
Contact Lon Bagley
Swenson Hall 1025

Exam Study Guides & Practice Exams

Each of the Guide links below include links to practice tests

English Exam Guide

English FAQ

Math Exam Guide

Math Exam FAQ

French Exam Guide

German Exam Guide

Spanish Exam Guide

Foreign Language FAQ

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