Canvas Migration Project

UW-System Resources

UW-System has created a Canvas Migration Frequently Asked Questions page to help with the process and understanding how the Course Complexity Reports app works. There are general migration questions such as "Have the tool names changed in Canvas?" and "Are there any tools or features that don't import into Canvas?" as well as specific tool questions.

D2L Clean-up and Exporting

We've included some documents that will help with the D2L clean-up and exporting process:

Technology Services has created a Using OneDrive for Business document that explains what OneDrive is, how to access your OneDrive account, and how to sync OneDrive for Business to your computer.

Learning about Canvas

Tool Integrations

UW-Superior has several external tools integrated in our Digital Learning Environment (DLE) through Canvas.  Some of the tools are considered flexible tools that need to be added by the instructor and others have been added by the UW-Superior Canvas Administrator after they have been vetted by UW-System.

  • Collaborate Ultra - a web conferencing software by Blackboard.  Collaborate Ultra is a flexible tool that can be added to the course navigation by the instructor. Add Collaborate Ultra to a Course instructions are available.
  • Jim Dan Hill Library Database: Films on Demand - find documentaries, feature films, newsreels, and performances in streaming video format.  Films on Demand is available in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) using the More External Tools (blue "V") icon.
  • Kaltura: My Media and Media Gallery - a multimedia management and creation software similar to YouTube.  This tool is for non-copyrighted materials only.
    • My Media can be used to upload, create, and store multimedia created by instructors and students.  My Media is located in the Global Navigation Account menu but is a flexible tool that can be added to the course navigation.  Add Kaltura My Media to a Course instructions are available.
    • Media Gallery can display all of the multimedia that has been published to the course by the instructor and students.  Media Gallery is also a flexible tool that can to be added to the course navigation. Add Kaltura Media Gallery to a course instructions are available.
  • Office 365: OneDrive and Collaborations - our campus Office 365 accounts are integrated within Canvas.
    • Office 365 (OneDrive) - use Office 365 to access files stored in your OneDrive account as well as create course materials and assignments .  The Office 365 tool is available in the course navigation as well as through the Rich Content Editor (RCE) using the Office 365 (red Microsoft square) icon.  Students are able to submit assignments from their Office 365 OneDrive account.
    • Collaborations - use Office 365 Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to create student collaborations.  The Collaborations tool is available in the course navigation.
  • Turnitin: Plagiarism and Grammar Review - student work submitted to an Assignments Online File Upload Submission Type can be checked for originality and grammar.  Enabling a Turnitin Assignment instructions are available.
  • YouTube - a video-sharing website where users can watch, share, and upload their own videos.  This tool is available in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) using the YouTube icon.

UW-System has a process in place to review and approve of external tools.  For more information on the vetting process and which tools have been approved/not approved, please see the UW-System External Application Integration Process webpage.

Moving to Canvas

As we move forward with the Canvas Migration plan of having all courses in Fall 2019, we'll be added some resources that will explain when we are moving to Canvas and how to prepare: