Canvas Training For Instructors

We will be developing and offering Canvas Training to help during the migration process as well as when we are using Canvas as our Digital Learning Environment (DLE) for all of our courses.

Canvas Migration Prep Work Sessions

During the Spring 2018 semester, we started offering sessions to help instructors prepare to migrate their courses from D2L to Canvas.  These sessions were meant to be a starting point, things that could be worked on while we waited for our Canvas instance to be created.  The presentations, handouts, and helpful links can be accessed here:

Canvas Studio Training Sessions

  • Level 1 - Essentials: Minimum skill level for all members of the teaching community, each person has the proficiencies needed to maintain required course content available to student online including syllabus, assignment information, and use DLE communication tools.
    • Note: There are three parts to the Level 1 Essentials training - Introduction Information Session (50 minutes), Online Module (est. 2 hours), and Hands-on Session (2 hours).
  • Level 2 - Student Success: Student centered advocates will be able to use DLE tools focused on student success, retention and course completion. An advocate understands how to posts assignments online, how use the communication tools for discussion boards, can collect assignments electronically, can provide student grades, and is able to incorporate digital media resources (e-text/Open Source) through the DLE.
    • Note: There are three parts to the Level 2 Student Success training - Introduction Information Session (50 minutes), Online Module (est. 2 hours), and Hands-on Session (2 hours).
  • Level 3 - Student Engagement: Advanced DLE tool use level, individuals with the minimum skill proficiencies required to deliver a blended or fully online course. In addition to the skills listed above proficiencies would include understanding how to leverage the DLE tools to effectively engage online students in the digital learning environment, provide timely relevant feedback, and strive to meet the metrics of the universal design.
    • Note: There are two parts to the Level 3 Student Engagement training - Online Module (est. 2 hours) and Hands-on Session (2 hours).

Visit the CETL Calendar for upcoming training sessions.  You can determine which level you would like to achieve.   Our goal is to help each instructor achieve minimally the Essentials level. This level includes training on basic tools in Canvas to support learning.

Canvas Training and Spotlight Learning Plan (training checklist)

Your next steps:

  • Review information for cleaning up your D2L courses.
  • Register for a Canvas Creative Studio Training or Spotlight session.
  • Once you register, Del Wright (CETL staff) will contact you with next steps regarding the training.

Watch for training announcements and digest postings in the upcoming semester.

Digital Learning Environment (DLE) Sessions

We will include resources and training opportunities as tools are integrated into the Digital Learning Environment (DLE).  At this time, we know of three tools - Kaltura, Turnitin, and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - that will be integrated with our DLE but not when they will be made available.

Self-Guided Training Resources

The D2L to Canvas Migration Implementation Team has recommended some Canvas training sessions and video tutorials that will supplement the sessions we will be offering on campus. We also recommend viewing the Canvas 2018 Training Playlist we've created.

Vendor Supplied Training Resources

Note:  Canvas Training sessions and videos have been created for all of their customers to use, both in higher education and in K-12 schools.  Some of these training sessions and videos may not have the same layout, tools, or permissions we have available in our system.  They also may not have the same requirements that we have as part of the UW-System.

These training sessions and video tutorials will help gain a basic understanding of how Canvas works and what tools the system has available. 

Canvas Training:

Canvas Video Tutorials: