Teaching and Learning Tools

Teaching and Learning Tools


UW-Superior uses this online system to improve the teaching and learning experience on- and off-campus.  Instructors are able to expand their lectures with online discussions and receive assignments from their students through the course dropboxes.  On-campus and distance learning students benefit from having important class materials available whenever they need them.

Learn@UWSuperior System Upgrade Information

User and Quick Start Guides for Learn@UWSuperior

Learn@UWSuperior FAQs for Instructors

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Learn@UWSuperior Upgrade Information

How Learn@UWSuperior (D2L) Enhances Face-to-face Teaching and Learning (video)


UW-Superior uses this system to help educators improve their students' critical thinking and composition skills as well as check for improper citation or potential plagiarism.

Full training videos and user manuals for students and instructors are available at the Turnitin website.  See our Turnitin Quick Guides page for account information and instructor how to's.

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