Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite

CaptureSpace Lite Download Instructions

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite (CS Lite) is similar to what we have been using since Kaltura My Media became available on our campus.  You will still be able to create assignments and lectures with your webcam as well as take screen recording, but you will also be able to make limited edits to the recordings.  The biggest difference between the two versions is that CS Lite has a small program called Desktop Recorder that you will need to download to your computer once and then you can record lectures, assignments, or screen recordings both with and without internet access.  When you are without internet access, the CS Lite Desktop Recorder will save the media file(s) to your computer instead of uploading it to your My Media area within Learn@UWSuperior.  You will just need to upload those files to the My Media area later when you have internet access.

The CS Lite Desktop Recorder software is found at our UW-Superior Media site.  From the Guest Dropdown menu, you will need to select the Login menu item and use your campus credentials to access our Media site.  This will allow the system to transfer your videos to your personal My Media area.  Once you have logged in, select the Add New dropdown menu and select CaptureSpace Lite menu item.  This will begin the downloading process that you should only have to do once unless you get a new computer or work on multiple computers.

Note: We've found that the Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder downloads properly if you are using Firefox.  When using other browsers, it will display a message saying "CaptureSpace launched successfully" but it doesn't actually download and install on your computer.

For step-by-step instructions, please see our Downloading CaptureSpace Lite Quick Guides:

On campus office computers, you may need to contact the Technology Helpdesk 715-394-8300 for assistance downloading the CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder software.

CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder Overview

CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder Overview

The first thing you see when you open the Desktop Recorder software is the Record tab.  This will show you the available recording options - Screen; Screen & Webcam; Webcam; and Voice. 

Next is the Library tab, you will be able to search for recordings you had previously created. 

Third is the Settings tab, you will be able to select where your media files are stored; what webcam is used; what recording quality you want; and which microphone is used. 

Note: you will want to change where the media files are stored when you are without internet access (off-line) on the Settings tab before you begin your first recording.  Make sure you click the Save button if you make any changes on this tab.

The final tab, Help, has information on which version of the Desktop Recorder is being used; the user currently logged in; and where it was downloaded from.

For more information, please see our Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder Overview Quick Guide.


Using the CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder

Creating a Recording

We have created a Quick Guide for each of the four recording options:

Editing, Saving, & Uploading a Recording

There are four editing options:

  • Trim - Trims the recording frames before and after the bounds specified.
  • Chop - Chops the recording within the bounds specified.
  • Titles - Applies title to the recording.
  • Credits - Applies credits to the media.

Note: You can use all of these editing options for the Screen; Screen & Webcam; and Webcam recording options, but for Voice recordings, you are only able to use Trim and Chop options.

You can save your recordings on your computer and use the Library tab to find them later.  This is a nice feature if you are without internet access but need to work on some recordings.  You can also upload the recordings right away to your Kaltura My Media area.

For step-by-step instructions, please see our Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder: Editing, Saving, and Uploading a Recording Quick Guide.


CaptureSpace Lite Video Tutorials