Welcome to the overview of the Kaltura multimedia tool.  We will show you how to use the various Kaltura features and options on the Kaltura Quick Guides page and the Kaltura Video Tutorials page.

Kaltura Pilot Project

We started a multimedia tool pilot project during the summer of 2015.  Kaltura is a multimedia tool, similar to YouTube, which is limited for our campus use.  Instructors and students will be able to upload multimedia (videos, audio clips, images), make webcam recordings, and make screen recordings that can be used in their courses.  This product was selected as it integrates with our Learn@UW-Superior (D2L) and provides no cost access to students and instructors (for it is funded via our UW System Common Systems Group). 

This product was piloted by instructors who have used other video options on campus.  The pilot went through the summer semester, with several review stages along the way.  Once the pilot was completed, the entire campus was able to use this product in Fall 2015.