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ePortfolio Pilot Project

ePortfolio Pilot Project

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ePortfolio Pilot Project

Over the past year Technology Services, Educational Leadership, Career Services, Academic Advising, and the Assessment Office have worked as a team to select an ePortfolio product for UW-Superior.  The mission of this group was to look at various available products and select one that would fit the most needs on campus, at a reasonable cost, with little or no cost being handed off to the students. This group was formed based on the current use or support of an ePortfolio product on campus.  We are happy to announce that after careful review the group decided on Desire2Learn ePortfoilo.  This product was selected as it fully integrates with our current Learn@UW-Superior (D2L) and provides no cost access to students and instructors (for it is funded via our UW-System Common Systems Group).  This product can also be used as a measure for student learning assessment.  This product is currently piloted by those who have used other ePortfolio products on campus.  The pilot is expected to last through fall semester, with several review stages along the way.  Depending on the results of the pilot, we hope to start supporting the entire campus on this product in Fall 2013. 

At this time, although ePortfoilo is part of the Learn@UW-Superior environment, we are not able to pick and choose the courses this gets activated in.  All Faculty and Students will see the ePortfolio link in the Learn@ UWSuperior My Home navigation bar, but we will only be supporting those involved with the pilot at this time.

 Instructor ePortfolio Link

Instructor ePortfolio Link


 Students ePortfolio Link

Students ePortfolio Student Link

As the pilot progresses we will review and determine the necessary support level for new users.  Again, our hope is a launch to all campus by fall of 2013.

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