Learn@UWSuperior (D2L) ePortfolio Sample Presentations

During the pilot of the Learn@UWSuperior ePortfolio, we created some sample presentations for those participating departments.  Instructors and students in these departments are welcome to download the files to their computers and import them into their Learn@UWSuperior ePortfolio. 

To access these sample presentation files, you will need to login using your UW-Superior username and password.

These files are zipped Desire2Learn ePortfolio Import Packets, you will need to save them to your computer and then import them into your Learn@UWSuperior ePortfolio.  You do not need to do anything with the files before you import them into your ePortfolio.

Note for Mac Users: When you save the file, your computer may automatically unzip the files and place the zipped packet in the Trash can.  You will need to move the zipped file from the Trash to the desktop and use that file when you import the sample presentation.

For more information on the download and import process, please see our How to Import a Sample ePortfolio Presentation instructions.