Learn@UWSuperior (D2L) ePortfolio

Welcome to the overview of the Learn@UWSuperior ePortfolio tool. We will explain some of the terms and concepts on the ePortfolio Terminology page. Show the screens you will find within the tool on the Inside the ePortfolio page. We will show you how to use the various ePortfolio features and menus on the ePortfolio Quick Guides page. We'll also tell you were to get help for technical problems on our ePortfolio Help page.

Accessing your ePortfolio

  1. Log into Learn@UWSuperior like you normally would from any UW-Superior webpage.
  2. Click on the ePortfolio link in the My Home navigation bar. (see image)
  3. A new window with a Welcome message will pop-up, after you have read the message, click the Close button. (see image)
  4. You are now in the ePortfolio tool on the dashboard. Go to the Inside the ePortfolio page for information on what each feature does.