Learn@UWSuperior Newsletters

Learn@UWSuperior Newsletters

Each semester we create a newsletter with best practices, articles, and tool spotlights.

Spring 2010, Issue 1:

  • Classlist Emailing Everyone; Best Internet Browsers; Extending Student Access; Preparing for Summer and Fall Courses; Spotlight: Dropbox.

Fall 2010, Issue 2:

  • Using PP Handouts in Content; Posting the First Discussions Message; Adding a Student Assistant; Coming Soon: Manage Dates, Competencies, and Rubrics; Summer 2010 Upgrade; Spotlight: Content.

Spring 2011, Issue 3:

  • Combining Courses; Get Help Quicker; Date and Time Restrictions; Training Opportunities; Specialty Roles in Learn@UWSuperior; Spotlight: Discussions.

Fall 2011, Issue 4:

  • Creating a Mid-term Grade; Accepting Late Assignments in the Dropbox; Coming Soon: the Version 9.4 Upgrade; Spotlight: Online Rooms.

Spring 2012, Issue 5:

  • Finding Courses When You've Taught Over 100+ Courses; Preparing for the Learn@ UWSuperior Upgrade; Coming Soon: Navigation Minibar, New Navigation Bars, and Homepage Changes; V10 Tool Streamlining; V10 Discussions and Dropbox Feedback Additions; Spotlight: Grades.

Fall 2012, Issue 6:

  • Letting Us Know if There is a Problem; Preparing for the Upcoming Semester; Evaluating the New Design, Layout, and Navigation Bar; No Winter/Spring 2013 Upgrade; ePortfolio Pilot Continues; New Binder App for Students; and Tool Spotlight: Rubrics.

Spring 2013 - No Newsletter:

  • No Winter or Summer upgrades so no major changes to report.

Fall 2013, Issue 7:

  • Adding Multimedia to Your Course and Preparing for the Learn@UWSuperior Version 10.1 Upgrade; Coming Soon to Learn@UWSuperior: the V10.1 Minor Tool Changes; The Content Tool Redesign; New Tool Introduced - ClassProgress; and Tool Spotlight: The New Content Area.

Spring 2014, Issue 8:

  • Preparing for the Learn@UWSuperior Version 10.3 Upgrade; Coming Soon to Learn@UWSuperior: The V10.3 Minor Tool Changes; The Discussions Tool Redesign; The Quizzes Tool Redesign; and Tool Spotlight: The Broken Links Tool.

Fall 2014, Issue 9:

  • This is a special “Did You Know…” edition, based on the results of the Spring 2014 Faculty Survey on Online Teaching, Learning, and Support.   Some of the wish list items are things that can be done in Learn@UWSuperior now, so we are using this issue to show you where to find them.

Spring 2015 - No Newsletter:

  • No Winter or Summer upgrades so no major changes to report other than Kaltura Pilot was started in summer and Online Learn@UWSuperior Training was being created.
Fall 2015 - No Newsletter:
  • No Winter Break upgrades so no major changes to report.  An upgrade has been tentatively scheduled for Summer 2016, limited details on upcoming changes at this time.

Spring 2016, Issue 10:

  • Preparing for the version 10.6 upgrade and the upcoming changes the Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Grades, Groups, and Quizzes tools.