Quick Guides

General Tools and Features


The Attendance Tool, found in the Communications dropdown menu, allows you to create registers that track attendance for activities within your course.  You define the sessions, attendance thresholds, and users for each register.  You can view a summary of the results in one convenient location.  At this time, this tool does not allow for associations with the Grades tool.


 The Checklist Tool, found in the Materials dropdown menu, allows you to highlight important assignments, readings, or other items for your students to complete.  Your students will be able to mark the assignments they have completed and see what they still need as the course progresses.




The Dropbox Tool, found in the Assessment dropdown menu, can be used by students to turn in assignment files electronically for your review and feedback. 

Online Rooms

 The Online Rooms Tool uses the web conferencing program, BB-Collaborate (formally Elluminate), to give instructors the ability to present course materials to their students in live, interactive online sessions.  These sessions can have audio, text chat, video, slide presentations, and polling as well as web touring and application sharing.


The Quizzes Tool, found in the Assessment dropdown menu, can be used to assess the students' knowledge, multiple answer formats are available to create an online quiz similar to a traditional paper version.