Learn@UWSuperior Upgrade Information

Learn@UWSuperior Upgrade Information

Current Version:

June 2016 - Version 10.6 - Versions 10.4 and 10.5 were included in this upgrade.  Most of the changes are minor or workflow improvements.  

Past Upgrades:

January 2015 - Version 10.3 Service Pack 13

  • Discussions - The Grid View returns - The new default view in the Discussions area will be the Grid View.  The Grid View is similar to what we had before the version 10.3 upgrade last June, it will allow you to see all the threads and replies within a topic as well as which ones are unread.  If you liked the Reading View that came in version 10.3, you can easily change your personal default view using the Changing Discussions Default to Reading View Instructions.
  • Print All Threads - You will be able to print all the messages in a Topic.  This works best in the Grid View.

June 2014 - Version 10.2 & 10.3

January 2014 - Version 10.1

June 2012 - Version 10.0