My Home

Getting Started

The My Home page is the first one you will see after you log into Learn@UWSuperior (see image).  This is where you will find News from the Learn@UWSuperior administration, where you will find the courses you are enrolled in, and where to change your settings, as well as links to other important student information.

My Home Features and Tools:

  • My Home Navigation bars
  • My Home News
  • My Superior Courses

My Home Navigation

With the Version 10 upgrade in June 2012, the navigation was changed to include two navigation bars, the Minibar (black) and the Navigation bar (yellow).  The Minibar will always be visible, allowing you to return to the My Home page, Select a course, adjust your Account Settings, and Logout from any screen in the system.  The Navigation bar will change depending on where you are, the My Home screen or inside one of your courses.

Minibar - Account Settings

There are three tabs in Account Settings - Account Settings, Discussions, and Email. 

On the Account settings tab (see image) you can change:

  • Your password - You can change your password for Learn@UWSuperior here, but it will not change the password for your network account, your UW-Superior E-Mail or your E-Hive.  Changing the password here is for those with visitor or specialty accounts.  If you want to change all your passwords, go to your E-Hive account and change your password there.
  • Font settings - Desire2Learn has added a new font, PT Sans, that they recommend we use as our default font.  You can change this in your Account Settings by clicking on the dropdown menu.
  • Dialog settings - This tells the system how to treat pop-ups.
  • HTML Editor settings - This allows the HTML Editor to be used.  You can turn this off if you use assistive technology such as screen readers because some of the features might be difficult to navigate.
  • Video settings - You can optimize video presentations that ensures that assistive technologies can detect videos.
  • Your time zone - The default setting is the Americas and Central Standard Time zone, if you are traveling or live in another part of the country or world, you can select the appropriate zone.
  • Application settings - There is a new feature called Revoke Access, that will force all your devices and applications to renew their authentication.  This will be helpful if you get a new mobile device and want to deactivate an older one, think it has been compromised, or lose it.
  • EduDentity Settings - Desire2Learn has created a few apps and tools that use EduDentity to verify your connection with UW-Superior.  You can use this button to log out of EduDentity.

On the Discussions tab (see image) you can change the personal display settings and reply settings.

On the Email tab (see image) you are able to add an email signature and show external email addresses in the Address Book.  Because there is no Sent folder in Learn@UWSuperior, you will want to select the checkbox next to "Send a copy of each outgoing message to (your username)" if you want to keep a record of messages you've sent through the system.

Note: The emails will come from your UW-Superior address to your UW-Superior address, without showing the recipients of the email.  It will not list of people you sent the email to.

Minibar - Notification

This page allows you to set up notifications of activity within your courses.  You can select an email address, pick what time of the day you want the emails, as well as which tools you would like notification from. (see image)

Minibar - Profile

This page allows you to edit your user profile.  The default is set to just your first and last name, you can update this page with as much or as little information about yourself as you are comfortable sharing.  Please remember that when someone looks up your user profile, they will see all this information. (See image)

Navigation Bar

Resources - this dropdown menu has information and links that will help you with your course work and using Learn@UWSuperior (see image).  They include links to:

  • JDH Library - This will open the Jim Dan Hill Library's website in a new window.
  • Locker - You are able to access your Learn@UWSuperior Locker from this link. (See image)  The Locker is an area to upload and store files in the Learn@UW-Superior system. Files stored in a locker can be accessed from any location as long as you are logged into Learn@UW-Superior. The Locker has a 10MB storage limit.  When uploading files to the locker, it is best to rename files so that the file name contains no spaces and doesn't use special characters.  These special characters are NOT allowed in file and folder names: "   *  /   :   <   >   ?   \   |   '   &   ;   #
  • My E-Hive - This will open the E-Hive login page in a new window.
  • Student Guide - This is a link to this online help guide site.
  • UW-Superior Email - This will open the Web Outlook Access login page in a new window.

ePortfolio - This tool will allow you to make electronic versions of your portfolio that you can share with peers, instructors, and mentors.  If you would like more information on ePortfolios, please see the Learn@ UWSuperior ePortfolio section of the Teaching & Learning Tools site.

My Home News

The News on My Home will contain information from the Learn@UWSuperior Administrator. (See image)  These items may include server maintenance, performance outages or tips on how to use Learn@UWSuperior.

Sample News items:

  • System Unavailable Wed. 1/5 10pm-Thur. 1/6 10am
    Learn@UWSuperior will be unavailable Wednesday, January 5 at 10 PM until Thursday, January 6 at 10 AM for a system upgrade.  There will be outage pages available to notify users of the maintenance.
  • Learn@UWSuperior Performance Notice
    Please Do Not Take Quizzes Between 1:00-4:00 am.  Learn@UWSuperior performance quite likely will be affected during the nightly integration process between 1:00 and 4:00 AM.  Students taking quizzes or instructors working on quizzes at that time may receive an "Error: HTML 500 - Internal Server Error" message.  Please Schedule your work in the Quizzing area at times other than 1:00-4:00 am.
  • Learn@UWSuperior Unavailable Every Thursday, 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. Please plan accordingly

My Superior Courses

This is a list of the UW-Superior courses you are enrolled in, any course you are a teaching assistant for, and the campus groups you may be a part of. If you have multiple roles in Learn@UWSuperior, buttons will appear in the My Superior Courses area. It will also show any new activities for the courses, any Discussion messages you haven't read, any Quizzes you haven't taken, and any Feedback you haven't viewed yet. (See image)


Entering a Course

Enter each course's main page by clicking on the course name under My Superior Courses on My Home. If you can't see your courses, click the arrow next to the semester you wish to view. (See image) In this example, we will be directed to the "Course Home" for Sample Course 1. (See image)

Note: If you use a popup blocker, it is recommended that you disable it for the Learn@UWSuperior tools, since some functions appear as popup windows.