Online Rooms

What is Online Rooms

The Online Rooms tool uses the web conferencing program, BB-Collaborate (formally Elluminate), to give instructors the ability to present course materials to their students in live, interactive online sessions.  These sessions can have audio, text chat, video, slide presentations, and polling as well as web touring and application sharing.  This tool is also useful in online advising and tutoring.

When using this program, there is no permanent program to purchase or install, BB-Collaborate temporarily downloads their software to your computer each time you enter a session.  You will need to have the ability to install software on the computer you use for this to run properly.

Using Online Rooms

We've created an Online Rooms Student Guide to help students get started using Online rooms.  It shows how to enter the session, where tools are located in the program, and how to use them. 

Please note that these instructions start after you have entered the Learn@ UWSuperior course that uses Online Rooms and after you've clicked on the "Join" link (see image).  We have also created some BB-Collaborate Tutorial Videos that will help students get started as well.

Best Practices

  • You should enter the session at least 10 minutes before the class is set to start.  That will give you enough time to download the software and enter the room.
  • Use a headset that has headphones and a microphone to avoid echoes and feedback.
  • Each time you enter a session, you should use the Audio Setup Wizard to make sure your audio is working properly.
  • Set up a profile inside BB-Collaborate so when you speak your image will display in the Audio & Video window.  If you are using a PC, click on the Edit menu, select Preferences and find My Profile in the list.  If you are using a Mac, click on Blackboard Collaborate, select Preferences and find My Profile on the list.


Unable to Launch BB-Collaborate:

  • If you click on the Online Room in Learn@UWSuperior and nothing happens, make sure that your pop-up blocker allows this site to open new windows.
  • Depending on your internet browser, you might be asked if you want to download the temporary files.  Internet Explorer will have a bar between the browser information and the Learn@UWSuperior screen (similar to downloading Word files from the Content area).
  • Some on-campus computers do not allow users to install software on them, so you will not be able to temporarily download the software needed to start BB-Collaborate.

Audio Troubleshooting:

  • Use the Audio wizard to find/fix audio issues
  • Is the headset plugged in correctly?  Are the microphone and headphone jacks in the right slots?
  • Is the headset mute switch on?
  • Is the computer muted or low volume?

Connection Issues

If there is a problem with the connection or lag, change the connection speed (there is an option for wireless):

  • For PC users click on Edit -> Preferences -> Session -> Connection.
  • For Mac users click on Blackboard Collaborate -> Preferences -> Session -> Connection.