Taking a Quiz

Tips for Taking a Quiz

Avoid Using Wireless

Wireless is very convenient, but it is much easier to receive interference.  If your wireless goes out, you might have problems finishing your quiz.  Take your quiz on a computer wired directly to your home internet connection or in a computer lab to avoid connectivity problems. 

Configure Your Browser for D2L

There are changes you can make to your computer which will help reduce the number of potential problems you could experience with D2L and the internet in general.  Make sure your computer is free of spyware and malware.  Make sure your software is up-to-date with the latest updates and patches.  Make sure to add Learn@UWSuperior to your popup blocker exceptions list and trusted web sites list.

Save Every Question

Remember that you can save every question in your quiz by clicking the Save button for each question.  If your quiz is on multiple pages, questions are automatically saved when you move to a new page.

Taking a Quiz or Exam

  1. Select the name of the quiz to enter it.  (See image)

  2. You will see a screen that will give the summary of the quiz, including the current time, quiz specifics (availability, time allowed, attempts, etc), and any instructions your instructor may have for that quiz. When you are ready to start the quiz, click on the Start Quiz! button on the right side. (See image)

  3. You will get a confirmation message about continuing with the quiz, click OK to start or Cancel to return to the quiz page. (See image)
    Note: If you have your pop-up blocker on for Learn@UWSuperior, you might not see this message. It will appear that nothing happens when you click on the Start Quiz! link. You will need to turn off the pop-up blocker for this site before you can continue.

  4. On the left side of the screen, you will find the information about the quiz (see image):
    A.  At the top is the quiz time limit and the time you have left. If your test is timed, pay very close attention to the time you have left.
    B.  Next is the Quiz Info, included in this area is your name, the attempt number, the number of questions saved, pages with question numbers that have save icons below them, and a legend.
    C.  At the bottom is the Quiz Status, in the beginning, it will say Quiz Started and as you save your answers, it will change to the number of answers you have saved.

  5. As a safety precaution, it is recommended that you save each question once you've answered it by clicking on the Save button below the question or by clicking Save All Responses at the bottom of the screen.  After the question has been saved, in the Quiz Info area the save icon under that question number will show a darker save icon. (See image)  If there is a loss of network connection while you are taking the quiz, your answers will be saved and you can pickup where you left off if time allows.

  6. Your instructor may have set the quiz up to have a certain number of questions per page.  Once you have finished the questions on the current page, click the Next Page button.  (See image)
    Note: Some instructors may not allow you to go back after you have left a page.  You will be warned when this happens so you can make sure to answer everything before you leave it.

  7. After you have answered all the questions, click on the Go To Submit Quiz button located at the bottom of the screen. (See image)
    Note: If the quiz has multiple pages and you click the Go To Submit Quiz button before completing all of them, you will receive a warning message with the questions you missed listed. If you click on the question, you will be taken back to it so you can answer it. (See image)  Some instructors may not allow you to go back to previous pages.

  8. You will be taken to the Quiz Submission Confirmation page. If you have completed the quiz click on the Submit Quiz button. (See image)

  9. After clicking the Submit Quiz button, a dialog box will appear asking whether you are sure you want to submit the quiz. Click on the Yes, submit quiz button if you are sure, or click on the No, don't submit quiz button if you aren't. (See image)

  10. After you submit the quiz you will be taken to the Submissions view, where the attempt number will be listed along with the date and time the test was taken. (See image)

After the quiz period has closed, some instructors will allow you to see the questions and answers for the quiz. (See image) This submission view shows all questions and answers, the instructor determines what is shown after the quiz has been completed.

Experiencing Problems?

Kicked Out of Your Quiz? Get Back in, Quick!

If you have a problem, get back into the quiz as quickly as possible.  If you are unable to, email the Technology HelpdeskMake sure to indicate what class it is, who your instructor is, which quiz it was, and what time it happened!  Letting us know means your instructor knows you are making an effort to resolve your quiz problem.

Try a Different Browser

If you are experiencing difficulties with Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac), try using Firefox when taking quizzes.

Try a Different Computer

If the machine you are using is not functioning, it is okay to take a quiz on a different computer.  Note that the computer change is logged.