Student Workers

Student workers are a critical piece of the support team in Technology Services. Our student team performs many key roles in our department to support the mission of UW-Superior. Some of the many positions available are: Helpdesk support, office desktop support, graphics support, classroom and media support, and computer lab support. Each position has many critical responsibilities that help to keep UW-Superior up and running. Each gives student workers the chance to gain real world experience.

Please check Handshake for open positions if you are interested joining our department as part of our student team. 

  • Kayla Margl-Chastek - Help Desk Lead
  • Kristiina Thums - Help Desk Lead
  • Sudo Choudhury
  • Ines Benkhelfallah 
  • Felix Blick 
  • Zachary Farmakes 
  • Spencer Bloch
  • Joyce Shalaby 
  • Niharika Shinde 
  • Evgeny Yakovlev