Email FAQs

General Email FAQs

Is there a limit to the size of my e-mail box?

User e-mail box storage is limited to 498 MB for students, faculty and staff. This includes all folders within a mailbox.

  • When a user is within 10 MB of reaching the storage limit, the owner is notified that they will not be able to send messages.
  • When an e-mailbox reaches its storage limit, the owner will no longer be able to send messages.
  • When an e-mailbox exceeds the storage limit by 10 MB or more, the owner will no longer be able to send or receive messages.

Is there a size limitation on individual emails?

Yes. We limit e-mails to a size of 10 MB including any attachments. However, e-mail messages posted to the e-Digests have smaller limits. The Staff Digest is limited to 90K and the Student Digest is limited to 60K.

What is the difference between Reply, Reply to All and Forward?

The reply and forward buttons are ways to respond to messages. The reply button allows you to send an email back to the person who sent the email. The forward button allows you to send the email to someone who was not in the TO, or CC lines of the email. For example, if you get an email from John who included Jim and Nancy in the CC line:

  • Use Reply  if you want to write back to John about the email.
  • Use Reply to All  if you want to write back to John and let Jim and Nancy see your response.
  • Use Forward If you want to send John's email to Amanda, to let her know what John written.

What is the BCC line for?

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy which lets you send a copy of your email to someone without letting people in to TO and CC fields know that this person is also receiving this email. You may choose to put an email address in the BCC field if:

  • you do not want others to know the email address
  • you do not want others to know that you are letting this person know of the communication
  • you are sending a public email and do not want people to get each other's email addresses
  • you are working with a third party and do not want the parties to contact each other

Outlook Web Access FAQs

How can I see my mailbox size and how much space I have?

Hover over your mailbox name to see the mailbox size and used portion. If the quota is reached, you must free up some space to send more email.

mailbox size screenshot

Why is Web Access defaulting to the Light version even though I did not check the option on the logon page?

What browser are you using? Remember that only Internet Explorer 6.0+ uses the Premium Outlook Web Access version.  If you are using IE 6+, check to see if you accidently have the Accessibility mode enabled which always uses the Outlook Web Access light version. To check,

1.     Login to Web Access and click on the Options link at the top right side of the page.

2.     Select General Settings.

3.     Under the Accessibility heading verify if the accessibility option is checked.

How can I turn on the reading pane in Web Access?

The reading pane can be turned on using the menu option from the folder that you are in. Here is what the menu looks like:

reading pane

You can choose to view messages on the right side or at the bottom. In this example, the reading pane is showing on the right.

How can I change the Web Access language?

 When you first login to Web Access you are prompted to select a language and a time zone. You can change these settings after accepting you initial settings by going to Options -> Regional Settings. You can change your language and time zone settings from there. Remember to save your changes for them to apply.

My fonts toolbar is missing in my new message compose form, how can I get it back?

 In the new message, check the top-left hand corner to see if you have "Plain text" selected.  The "Plain text" option gives you just that - plain text, no fonts, color or highlight options.  To get the fonts menu back, just change the drop-down menu to HTML


How can I sort my emails by the person who sent them to me?

 You can sort your emails by clicking on the column headings including From, Subject and Received.  This will sort the emails based on the column selected.    To sort your email by sender, press on the FROM column title.  To change the order from ascending to descending, click on the FROM column title a second time.   You can also sort your emails by right-clicking on the column bar to bring up more options, as shown in the screen capture below.


How do I add an automatic signature to my Web Access messages?

In Web Access you can create a personal signature that can be added either manually or automatically to your email messages. To create a signature,

1.  In Web Access, click on the Options button at the top left hand side of your Inbox.

2.  Choose the Messaging heading on the left menu (default).

3.  Scroll down until you see the heading E-mail Signature.

4.  Type in your signature.

5.  To include your signature in each email, select Automatically include on outgoing messages.

6.  Press the Save button at the top of the page to save your settings.


How can I setup my Out of Office response in Web Access?

The Out of Office Assistant sends an automatic email to anyone who sends you an email while you are not in the office. You can set up your out of office message using Outlook Web Access. 

The steps below will take you through setting up your out of office message.
1.     Go to the options page by pressing the Options link at the top of the page.
2.     From the left menu select Out of Office Assistant.
3.     To turn on the out of office assistant, select Send Out of Office auto-replies.
4.     Select Send Out of Office auto-replies only during this time period to set your out of office start and end date and time.
5.     Fill in your message under Send an auto-reply once to each sender inside my organization with the following message:.
6.     To send an out of office reply to people outside your organization, select Send Out of Office auto-replies to External Senders.
7.     Choose Send Out of Office auto-replies only to senders in my Contacts list or Send Out of Office auto-replies to anyone outside my organization.
8.     Type your external out of office message under Send an auto-reply once to each sender outside my organization with the following message:.
9.     Press the Save button at the top of the Options page


How can I make sure that the spell check always runs before my messages are sent?

Spell check options are set in the OWA Options page in the Spelling section. Under the Spelling Options and put a check mark beside Always check spelling before sending. Remember to Save the changes.